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NEO-ONE is the Easy Way to Create DApps and Smart Contracts on NEO

If you’re a fan of NEO like we are, you’ve likely used NEO Tracker before. This tool has proven to be tremendously useful for the NEO community, and we have Alex DiCarlo, and his team of community volunteers, to thank for it.

Now, DiCarlo has turned his attention to the wider world of NEO community DApp development. NEO is only as strong as the stuff built on top of it. Like so many other blockchains, NEO is looking for its “killer app”. But not many people in the world know how to create quality smart contracts and DApps using NEO’s unique architecture. This is what NEO-ONE aims to change.

NEO-ONE is a framework anyone can use to create a NEO DApp. It requires the creator to do some programming in TypeScript (a statically-typed superset of JavaScript). If this sounds intimidating, don’t worry. NEO-ONE has simple tutorials throughout the process, aimed at users who have never before done anything like this.

Says Alex himself, “Ultimately, our goal is that someone with zero NEO experience, and even zero blockchain experience, can get up and running with a smart contract in 30 minutes or less.”

That’s a pretty impressive claim. So how is NEO-ONE going to make NEO development this easy?

NEO’s Continuing Emphasis on Usability

NEO-ONE allows even beginners to create smart contracts in minutes
NEO-ONE allows even beginners to create smart contracts in minutes

Through every step of the development process, new users will be guided with tutorials, examples, and plugins. You might not create NEO’s killer app on your very first try, but you should be able to carry an idea from start to finish, and see it go live on the NEO blockchain.

Again from Alex DiCarlo, “By making blockchain development a seamless and easy process, we hope to have an impact on the crypto ecosystems as a whole – if developers have to spend less time thinking about their smart contracts and how to integrate them, we hope that they’ll have more time to spend on the user experience of their DApp.”

For users with a bit of experience developing on NEO, preferred workflows can be streamlined. For example, NEO-ONE makes it easier than ever to set up a local node.

Blockchain engineering is a specialised task, and there are only so many experts in the world doing this work. This makes it all the more important for these experts to help create processes by which new developers can enter the space. NEO-ONE is a perfect example.

You may be able to buy NEO at Antshares prices in late 2018, but this doesn’t mean that development progress isn’t being made. And in typical NEO fashion, much of the best progress is being made by community developers. Proof that a decentralised entity can innovate and organise, we’re excited to see how the work of Alex DiCarlo continues to benefit the NEO ecosystem and the growing smart economy.


Featured image source: Flickr

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