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Presale goes live for crypto social hub Carbon

Half of the token’s 50 million maximum supply is for sale ahead of the product launch in January

Yesterday, the Carbon Project, a social crypto hub, announced that their presale was open to the public, ahead of their product launch, which is slated to happen in January.

The Carbon web app brings together a range of encrypted, decentralised communication tools such as a Twitter-style social feed, encrypted messaging, password vault and a token wallet into one place for ease of use, as laid out in their whitepaper last month.

Co-founder of Carbon, Daniel Abela, said “We wanted to bring all of your favourite crypto services and experiences into one place, using nothing more than MetaMask to access your account. We’re making communications as secure as Bitcoin is. The interest we have received has been unprecedented and we’re very excited to build and launch the product.”

Abela and Co-founder Rob Culley have experience of taking projects from token sales through to product launch, such as ClearPoll and DistX, and believe that Carbon could be their greatest success yet.

Carbon’s ERC-20 token, CRBN, is currently for sale through the DistX platform for a contribution of between 0.5 ETH and 25 ETH. 20% of tokens have already been sold at time of writing. CRBN has a maximum supply of 50 million, with half of that being available in the token sale. Of the rest, 2 million goes to the team and 3 million is being airdropped to holders of ESOS, Carbon’s previous token.

The token sale is also to raise funds for marketing, development and UniSwap, with 3.75 million CRBN being locked into UniSwap liquidity. CRBN will be listed on UniSwap at a starting price of 0.00016 ETH ($0.075) per CRBN.

6 million CRBN tokens are being kept aside for the Carbon rewards system that starts next month. The system will incentivise people to use the Carbon platform by airdropping a portion of these tokens to the top 300 users each month.

Carbon are now focusing on a campaign of videos, ads and AMAs to gain new exposure and drive their token sale ahead of the January product launch.

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