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Remme: The Future of Cyber Security

The internet is a wonderful, yet dangerous place. It has made all our lives easier, but also exposed us to new dangers. However, with some of the best minds working to make it a safer place, it is no surprise that new innovations are coming up every day.

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REMME is one of those solutions that a lot of us have eagerly been waiting for. It combines the benefits of complete protection against unauthorised access and ensuring rapid transactions as well as managerial facilities. At its recent ICO, REM was able to raise $20,000,000. The numbers indicate towards the popularity of the coin and the market belief in the promise it holds. For more information on the exact split of the funds see their website.

It is our estimate that REM might become a major player not just in the cryptocurrency market but in the world of IoT as well. So, we decided to do an in-depth analysis of what the coin offers and whom it is ideal for investing in.

What is REMME?

REMME is basically an amalgamation of the best and most effective security technologies present today. Using the ubiquitous SSL/TLS certificates along with blockchain based authentication, it delivers a holistic, yet simple security cover.

This makes it ideal for use across multiple domains such as IoT, cryptocurrencies and FinTech, MediTech and many other domains. One major highlight of REMME is its constant updating with the latest in the tech security world. This has enabled it to deliver a strong product with optimised features and wide applicability.

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How Does REM Disable Hacking Attempts?

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According to statistics, the vast majority of breaches and hacks occur due to human error. People are somehow conned into revealing their passwords or keys which then grants the hacker direct access to sensitive data. So, while there are security measures to ensure no unauthorised entries are made, most people hardly ever use them.

The Two Factor Authentication system is one such method. However, since most people are unaware of its use or simply unconcerned, the technology goes to waste. The best example of an unoptimised use of security features was during the Bitfinex hack.

Bitcoins valued at over $60 million were stolen by hackers. This entire breach could have been neutralised by the Two Factor Authentication which had not been used by a company that owned the wallets.

Bitfinex hack

The people at REMME were among the first to recognise the need for a security measure that minimises exposure to the end user and is still easily navigable for the technicians. Using a multilayered blockchain based security protocol, REMME core simplifies the authentication and approval process.

An example of how this works is that during Bitfinex hack multiple transactions were made. Now, if these had to pass through an authentication channel, then they would have been stopped easily.  The technicians would just have to cancel the permission grant and then notify the account users.

What is REMME Core Alpha?

REMME uses the AC2 platform to allow real-time management of data via command line utilities. Through a rather elementary command line, the users can provide coin access to others. This means that encrypted data can be transferred much more safely than available with present modes.

Since simplicity is central to this system, it also means that the security measure is more robust than others. At the same time, a simple command prompt provides the perfect solution for disabling attacks as soon as they are detected.

For a whole list of upcoming ICOs, check out our calendar and more information on REMMES, see their website.

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