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Tipbot will pay people to answer questions online

The tool is designed to catch the attention of high-profile individuals that others would like to hear from

In the latest application of cryptocurrencies, a tipbot could potentially allow users to pay other people to answer their questions on social media. The CCTip could be a new tool to pool data into the ecosystem.

Liser Lee from CCTip believes that such a system could help drive discussions and engagement, or generate expert commentary. It allows users to create Twitter polls and automatically pay anyone who helps it spread out with cryptocurrency. This, in turn, helps the poll gain more exposure and answers. Lee also revealed that the company is working on a system that pays the poll respondents instead.

Beyond Twitter, CCTip is working on integrating with Telegram, Discord, WeChat and Reddit. Currently, the bot supports two hundred different crypto assets, including Ether (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), Tron (TRX), and several Ethereum-based tokens.

Justin Sun, founder of Tron, publicly expressed his gratitude to the firm when it added support for TRX in early April.

Lee explained that a system powered by cryptocurrency is more effective in driving interactions between and with crypto enthusiasts compared to traditional systems. Seeing their crypto assets being applied on social media may be a boost to morale.

“If you pay BCH to a BCH enthusiast, he’s happy to see that BCH being used.” she explained.

Recently, the firm also launched a new feature called the CCTip Ask. This enables users to ask any user on the Twitterverse a question. Lee showcased the system earlier this month by sending a question to the Bitcoin ABC lead developer Amaury Sechet.

Lee asked if Sechet believes that the value of Bitcoin Cash can exceed the value of Bitcoin. Sechet was paid 0.5 BCH (roughly $114 at the time) to answer the question that was asked on Twitter through the CCTip system.

“[CCTip Ask is] an effective way to get your question answered by a celebrity. If you raise a good question, answering the question is a good way to show your opinions. And it will attract more users’ attention.” Lee said.

Cryptocurrencies could reinvent the idea of leaving tips to other users on social media, since anyone can instantly send payments without either side having to share sensitive information. It is appealing for many users on these platforms who prefer to remain pseudonymous or have other reasons for wanting to protect their privacy.

There is a significant development in the crypto tipping space, with blockchain firm Aeternity having recently launched its own social media monetization tool. The tool supports tipping through Aeternity’s native coin, AE.

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