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Tipper: A New Way to Social Media

Tip what you like, let developers take flight. Support your faves with tips and help them create more content. Interact with developers and creators from all over the world and grow with them – experientially, socially and financially.

Money in model

The online world is becoming more and more real with each passing day. It was only a matter of time before some had the bright idea to monetise social media and help countless struggling artists and developers get paid for their creations. That is exactly what Tipper is built to do.

As its name suggests, Tipper is a social media platform that is set to revolutionise the way people interact online. Unlike Facebook or other social media where views, votes, and likes have no direct effect on the marketability of the content, Tipper viewers can tip the creators for their efforts. And since there is no upper limit for how much a persona can be tipped, each and every post has the potential to become a money-raking phenomenon.

How Is Tipper Going to Work?

The philosophy behind Tipper is simple – users create content, they post it and people tip them as much as they want to. The tipping is incentivised as it is a two-way system, meaning that users too can tip someone who has liked their post. For professionals looking benefit from the platform, Tipper offers the facility to use branded tips, which ensure that all views are authentic; a wide audience is reached and takes view fraud and fake views completely out of the picture.

In addition to this, Tipper will also involve content investing, which means that users can invest in other people’s content, help spread it, and earn rewards. Similarly, other creators and users can also invest in their content, help in its propagation, and get a piece of the revenue they generate. Finally, there is the big wowza of Tipper, Monetisation. The idea with this is that users will be able to monetise their moments and earn money through it. So, if a user’s recording on the golden goal gets a lot of views, they will naturally also get a lot of tips through Tipper.

Tipper monetisation

What is the Infrastructure?

A social media blockchain technology needs to be more robust than current blockchains, even the best ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum, have to offer. That is why the Tipper blockchain has a base potential of over 250,000 micro-transactions per second and more than 50,000 transactions per second. It also offers multi-chain mining, host mining and total privacy. This makes it not just one of the fastest but also one of the largest blockchain implementations in the world and grants it the proud title of the ‘first two-blockchain currency of commerce’.

What is the Future of Tipper?

With such a vast ambition and such a powerful infrastructure as the driving force behind it, Tipper has the potential to revolutionise the way people interact online and use media for their benefit as well as that for others. The pre-sale price of 1 TIPR is at 0.20 USD with 20 million TIPR on offer and will increase to 0.25 USD with 180 million TIPR on offer. For the many millions in the world who are just waiting for the next social media paradigm shift, Tipper is already on its way as the perfect answer!

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