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Ubex ICO Review – Is Ubex a good investment?

The minds behind Ubex describe it as a global decentralized advertising exchange designed to offer benefits and effective performance to publishers and businesses alike.

Read on to find out more about Ubex, its key aims and other vital information including all of the details on ICO registration, the token sale and how this review compares to our look at other platforms including our broker review of eToro.

Ubex details

  • ICO name: Ubex
  • Description: A global decentralized advertising exchange
  • Website URL: https://www.ubex.com/
  • Whitepaper URL: https://www.ubex.com/wp/Ubex-Whitepaper-en.pdf?2142
  • ICO Launch: May 21st 2018
  • ICO closing: September 30th 2018
  • Token Platform: Ethereum
  • Coin Price: 1 UBEX = 0.00001 ETH
  • Funding Target: 28,800 ETH
  • Funding cap: 4,000 ETH
  • Coins Offered: ERC20

What is Ubex?

The ICO Concept

The Ubex ICO is a new initiative aimed at harnessing the benefits of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology within the online marketing world.

The organization explains the concept by outlining how digital advertising at present can be a bit of a lottery, as internet users may not always see promotions relevant to them and advertisers may be spending money on ineffective channels. Furthermore, publishers could also face problems with filling ad slots or forecasting future payments.

Ubex aims to improve the entire advertising ecosystem by using self-learning neural networks to gather information on a web user and the publisher to ensure the former only sees items which are relevant to them and presented in the correct format.

The concept could mean web users, advertisers and publishers face less stress or frustration in relation to advertising, while blockchain technology ensures transparency.

Which blockchain will Ubex launch on?

Ubex is set to launch on Ethereum, a decentralized application platform which offers a host of benefits. As our Ethereum hub page outlines, while the open software platform is similar to bitcoin in that it allows users to buy Ethereum, it differs in the sense that its use stretches beyond the realms of digital currency.

Ethereum is highly adaptable, with Smart Contracts being both a particularly useful aspect of the technology and a core part of Ubex’s mission to cut indirect links between advertisers and publishers.

The Ubex Team

Artem Chestnov is co-founder and CEO

Daniel Biesuz is co-founder and Head of Legal

Dan Gartman is the Chief Technology Officer

Andrew Rippon is Chief Operating Officer

Kathrin Anthony is Head of Global Sales

Cooz Komei Tokita is Business Development Director

Igor Vatamaniuc is the Javascript Front-end Engineer.

Ubex also boasts an experienced advisory board.

The Ubex Roadmap

Q4 2016 – Creation of ad platform for promoting payday loans

Q1 2017 – New integration tools to link marketing campaigns and websites

Q3 2017 – Creation of API for publishers to register ad space

Q4 2017 – Addition of further tools and widgets

Q1 2018 – Advertiser auctions launched

April 2018 – Smart contract prototype developed

May 2018 – Desktop and mobile Alpha versions of Advertiser applications launched

August 2018 – Desktop and mobile Alpha version of Publisher app launched

November 2018 – Introduction of smart contracts for strage of neural network adjacent coefficients in blockchain

December 2018 – Launch of API prototype for sharing training data for rewards

January 2018 – Beta version of Advertiser and Publisher apps to launch

Is it a scam?

The very nature of an ICO means that it is an unregulated area, which does mean that investing in this area can be fraught with risk and other issues. However, considering its website, range of videos, blog, social media presence and partners, Ubex certainly looks like the real deal.

Strengths & Challenges of Ubex

The strength of Ubex is its central concept. The idea of bringing together the worlds of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to transform online advertising is a very intriguing prospect that could offer major benefits. It certainly strikes us as an idea that could go very far indeed.

However, the one fundamental challenge that we can foresee is that online advertising can be a hugely competitive environment. As such, Ubex will need to work hard to differentiate and highlight how their offering stands apart from other advertising platforms.

The Token Sale

The token sale began on May 21st 2018 and has seen UBEX tokens sold at a base price of 1 UBEX equalling 0.00001 ETH, with some bonuses also being offered to those who participated at an early stage.

The minimum transaction limit in the sale is set at 0.01 ETH, while a maximum transaction value would only be restricted by reaching the hard cap.

How to buy Ubex tokens

Buying Ubex tokens online requires registration

  • For ICO registration, head to tokensale.ubex.com
  • Register an account with the website
  • Confirm your citizenship
  • Enter your ETH wallet address
  • Get involved in the token sale

While UBEX tokens can be purchased using Ethereum coins, Bitcoin or Litecoin, each individual buying tokens must have an Ethereum wallet compatible with the ERC-20 protocol.

Should I invest in Ubex ICO?

Ubex is undoubtedly an attractive proposition with interesting features that has the potential to make a difference to the online advertising world.

However, the unregulated nature of ICOs makes this world a difficult place to navigate, particularly when compared to platforms such as eToro. As we outlined in our eToro broker review, the latter not only offers a range of cryptocurrency investment opportunities but also other features such as social trading.

Ultimately, the choice is undoubtedly yours when it comes to selecting the propositions that are right for you.

Similar projects and alternatives to Ubex

Whether you are looking for alternatives to Ubex or simply keen to examine your wider options, there are a range of ICOs you can consider. One Game is another initiative which uses both blockchain and AI but, this time, it’s to create a decentralized virtual world.

You can also check out our ICO calendar for more information on the exciting initiatives which are keen to benefit from your input.

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