Upcoming ICO: Friendz connecting us together

Upcoming ICO: Friendz connecting us together

After catching our attention getting 15,000 people to change their employment place on Facebook to the start-ups name, Friendz are about to launch their ICO.

This fast growing ICO connects brands with their target audience, a much needed service in the digital age. They’ve already found fame and proved their potential with their Facebook market hack back last year, and raised at least EUR 300,000, from the Italian Investor Tribo S.p.A.

friendz ico friendz coin

ICO will begin March 1st 2018

The token sale will last three weeks from this date (or until the hard cap is reached). 50% of Friendz (FDZ) 1,500,000,000 coins will be available during the ICO launch, making 750,000,000 FDZ available for the public. They have stated that new tokens will never be created and any unsold will be destroyed in order to keep the value of the token.

How to register for the ICO

When you register an account, you can either log in with your Google account or create a new one. You will receive email confirmation with a link to click, from [email protected] and you’re ready to start.

  • Once your account has been verified, just insert the number of ETH you want to invest onto the whitelist application. Minimum investment is 0.1 ETH.
  • Now it’s time to join Friendz chat on Telegram and register your Telegram username on the dashboard.
  • You are ready to submit the ETH address you want to use. Make sure the address you decide to use is suitable for ERC20 tokens; Myetherwallet and Metamask have been recommended. It’s really important to do this, because if you send from the wrong exchange, you are going to lose that money.
  • Finally, select your wallet. It needs to be an ETH ERC20 wallet.

Get your bonus tokens!

Friendz ICO has an awesome reward scheme based on friends. You simply invite friends and get rewarded 5% of the amount they invest. Any friends you invite at all can gain you rewards too, even if they don’t invest. The rewards are between 10 and 3,000 tokens, depending on how many friends you invite.

Friendz definitely looks like it could have a promising future ahead, and has been building a large following right from the beginning, which will certainly help to provide strong pillars for their project.

An alternative to buying during the ICO is to wait for exchanges to offer the FDZ coins. CryptoGo is renowned for its uptake of new and upcoming coins as soon as they’re available, for more information on how to buy with CryptoGo, read this guide.

If you’re on Telegram join Friendz chat https://t.me/friendzICO

Upcoming ICO: Friendz connecting us together
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