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The Warren Buffett Crypto Puzzle Has Been Answered

The mystery of the Warren Buffett crypto investment has been puzzling the community. Renowned investor and crypto-sceptic Buffett has said that he has never owned any crypto.

Yet, TRON founder Justin Sun said that he gifted coins to Buffett. What is the truth behind this story?

How It Started

This subject first came to light when Justin Sun spoke about a meeting with Warren Buffett. Sun had lunch with the Berkshire Hathaway CEO and took along some crypto-influencers. Charlie Lee of Litecoin (LTC) and Yoni Assia of the eToro broker attended the lunch, among others.

He had won his place at this event by bidding $4.8 million. It took place in January, in Omaha. Sun said afterwards that he was grateful for the “dinner, wisdom, and vision”.

The meeting was designed to help the homeless in San Francisco, but the subject of crypto came up. Afterwards, Sun said that he had gifted Buffett a Samsung Galaxy Fold phone. This device had some Bitcoin (BTC) and TRON (TRX) on it.

Yet, Buffett has since repeated the claim that he will never own any cryptocurrencies. His words were, “I don’t own any cryptocurrency. I never will”. He also called them “worthless”. So what happened to the Warren Buffet crypto wallet?

The Rest of the Story

This puzzle led some people to speculate whether Sun’s statement was really true. Did he really give some tokens to Buffett at the lunch?

The TRON CEO hit back by saying that the evidence is in the blockchain. He pointed out on Twitter that the tokens “remain intact” with blockchain proof. Sun said that Buffett isn’t as a crypto investor. However, the coins gifted to him had a 20% return at the time of the tweet.

Naturally, the blockchain can only show us that the coins exist at a given address. It can’t prove the identity of the person that holds them.

The Warren Buffett Crypto Mystery Is Solved

The issue looked like it was going to remain a mystery forever. However, CNBC reporter Becky Quick cleared it up. She was the reporter who first asked Buffett about the coins. At the time of that interview, he denied ever owning any tokens.

Now, she has confirmed that Justin Sun did give him some cryptocurrency at their lunch. However, she revealed that the famous investor then donated the wallet to charity. He gave it to the GLIDE Foundation. It isn’t known whether they still hold the tokens at this time.


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