You Can Now Use Opera’s Crypto Wallet on Your PC

Opera is integrating a cryptocurrency wallet into its desktop browser to make it easier for you to handle cryptocurrencies. The addition eliminates the need for third party extensions. Transactions are signed off via a phone’s fingerprint scanner, reducing the chances of losing entire holdings through lost passwords.

For this reason, the functionality will still be primarily available on android phones but can be extended to desktop computer by scanning a QR code. The use of a fingerprint reader while not entirely fool proof is nevertheless an innovative way of securing wallets.

Coins will be stored locally on the phone together with the associated private keys.

Opera first introduced the feature early July but only for android devices. The company cites strong interest among its user for the move.

An increasing number of players are seeking to provide cryptocurrency wallets. Mobile phone maker HTC is already building a blockchain phone that will also hold cryptocurrencies.

Preparing for mainstream adoption

Opera is obviously seeking to attract cryptocurrency enthusiasts and become part of the fast developing blockchain ecosystem. Such providers stand to benefit immensely if cryptocurrencies like bitcoin fully enter the mainstream in the future.

“Opera for Android with crypto wallet enables seamless transactions on the web, and removes one of the biggest hurdles preventing cryptocurrencies from being adopted by the mainstream,” the company said in July.

Besides, there is a fast developing market of distributed apps, seen by some as the next revolution similar to the internet. With the integration, users will be able to interact with decentralised apps on the ethereum network.

“Our next aim is to make crypto-integration mainstream. We believe blockchain technology has the power to transform the web of tomorrow and expect it to make a big difference in the years to come,”Krystian Kolondra, EVP of Browsers at Opera said in a press release.

The company already has software to guard against cryptojacking, a serious threat for internet users.

There is speculation that Robinhood, the cryptocurrency exchange that has shaken the market by offering commission free trading is developing its own wallet after it places a job advert implying the new role will involve adding new products such as “wallet functionality.”

Robinhood only recently ventured into cryptocurrencies in January. Initially, it was focussed on more traditional investment products such as stocks and exchange traded funds.
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