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Endor, the Coin Set to Revolutionise Predictive Analytics

The predictions business is one of the most lucrative activities right now. Unfortunately, the market is monopolized by a few big companies who can afford the expensive computing equipment required…


Is Bitcoin a Bubble? Will it Break $17,000 Again?

Bitcoin’s staggering rise came within a hair breadth of $20,000 in November from just $1000 at the start of 2017. It has been hovering between $13,000 and $15,000 since then….


5 Reasons to Get Ethereum in 2018

The ethereum network is better known for the smart contracts functionality, a much needed solution in the market. In fact the smart contracts concept could eventually wipe out third parties…


4 Ways to Buy Bitcoin Instantly

In fact some projections put one single unit of bitcoin at $1 million in 2020 up from the current rate of about $17,000. Clearly, there is still a lot of…


5 Best Bitcoin Wallets in 2018

Bitcoin is now trading for close to $15,000 a unit. Some analysts and enthusiasts like antivirus guru John McAfee predict it’s value will hit $1 million by 2020. With such…

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Ripple Dethrones Ethereum – XRP Vs ETH

Ripple is now the second biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. The digital currency saw a record surge on Saturday after a number of Japanese financial institutions said they were adopting…


5 Reasons to Buy Ripple in 2018

Ripple is specifically crafted for financial institutions  and major players like JP Morgan, UBS, UniCredit, Standard Chartered and HSBC are already adopting it. From near obscurity at the start of…


Cryptocurrencies to Invest in – 2018

After all it has become one of the easiest way of raising money without the usual regulatory scrutiny. Early adopters and traders made astronomical returns in the last two years…