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What is Skilling?

Skilling is a revolutionary trading platform, owned by a Scandinavian fintech company who are headquartered in Cyprus. Skilling Group also holds offices in Malta, Spain and the Seychelles, and are licensed by leading Cypriot regulatory authority, CySEC.

With over 800 forex and CFD financial instruments, including stocks, shares, commodities, indices and cryptocurrency pairs, Skilling has quickly become one of the leading and most trusted online brokerage platforms in the world.

The company’s vision is a simple one; to bring the world of financial trading to everyone through a platform that is designed to cater for traders of all levels of experience.

Over the last three years, Skilling has been featured in several reputable publications, such as The Times, Bloomberg, YAHOO! Finance, Associated Press, Investing.com and FX Empire.


Who is behind Skilling?

There is no single individual behind this leading brokerage platform. The team that continues to drive Skilling is multinational, with over 40 professionals and experts located all around the world.

Skilling was created in April 2016 by Henrik Persson Ekdahl, Andre Lavold, and Mikael Riese Harstad. By June of that same year, the group opened their first office in Malta. Design and development of the Skilling trading platform began in October 2016.

We find that it is a very good sign for founders to stay involved in the company that they help to build, and with Andre Lavold continuing to lead Skilling Group as CEO, we can be assured that this leading trading platform will continue to innovate the entire industry.

Safety and Regulation

Skilling is regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) and the SFSA (Seychelles Financial Service Authority). They are also authorised by the FCA UK to operate branch within the UK. It is important to understand that not all brokerage and exchange platforms are regulated, and these governing bodies provide oversight, making sure that best practices are adhered to, and safeguarding the interests of all parties.

Skilling respects the importance of security as well. Within the platform itself, the highest standard of security protocols and cryptography are employed to protect user data and ensure absolute confidentiality.

The company keeps client funds in segregated bank accounts. Skilling never uses these funds for its day to day activities. This means that in the unlikely event that the company ever went out of business, your money would still be protected and available to you. Investor funds receive an additional layer of protection by the ICF (Investor Compensation Fund) for Cypriot Investment Firms. The ICF compensates clients if the broker were to become insolvent.

In all of our years of experience with financial trading, it is very rare to discover a platform that prioritises client investments to the level that Skilling does. Protecting user interests is at the very core of Skilling’s ethos, along with innovation, professionalism, and transparency.

The Skilling platform is using Transport Layer Security (TLS). This  provides end-to-end encryption with the latest security technology aimed at preventing fraudsters and cyber-criminals from stealing user account information or personal data.

Opening an Account

There are two main account types which users have available to them on the Skilling platform. These are the standard account, and the premier account.

The standard account requires a £100 minimum deposit and offers a maximum leverage of 1:30 in keeping with ESMA regulations.

The premier account requires a £5,000 minimum deposit, but has many more benefits which include extremely low commission costs for winning trades.

It is generally understood that the account type that you opt for should be dependent on your level of experience. Beginners are therefore encouraged to begin their investment journey on the Skilling platform by opening a standard account. Here, you will receive all of the guidance and resources you need to start earning a passive income through CFD trading. You will also have access to a ‘demo’ account, which will provide you with £10,000 of virtual funds to play with. This is an excellent way to learn the fundamental mechanics of day trading without any risk attached. The demo account can also be used to test run strategies to identify how successful they will be according to real-time market data.

For those who are well-versed in the world of financial trading, the premier account will certainly hold greater attraction. The increased minimum deposit is in place to enable Skilling the ability to offer greater deals on commissions, and access to more comprehensive resources than any of their competitors are capable.


Skilling has invested time and money to ensure that the platform is accessible across all devices. This grants users access to their trading accounts wherever they are. The platform is available through web-browser, and the app can be downloaded through both Google Play and App Store for Android and IOS mobile devices.

Skilling have also integrated cTrader, enabling seamless interoperability between the Skilling and cTrader platform using a single account. This means that your funds can be used to trade on either platform without having to transfer money and manage multiple accounts. This integration will have even more features implemented for mobile devices in the near future.

Available Methods of Payment

Skilling offers all of the traditional secure payment options to their users. These include deposits through a regular bank transfer, and VISA/Mastercard Debit or Credit card.  The platform also allows deposits to be made using more modern ePayment alternatives, such as Neteller and Skrill.

There are no additional charges for making your deposit on the Skilling platform, no matter which payment method you choose.

Skilling does not allow deposits to be made with cryptocurrency or PayPal at the time of writing due to Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulation.

The Features and Functionality of Skilling

As mentioned, the Skilling platform has been tailored for users of all levels of experience. The trading software has been carefully developed to provide users with a clean, simple interface that has maximum functionality. There are also some noteworthy features that are unique to Skilling that we will highlight here:

  • The Watchlist

An incredibly useful and innovative tool unique to the Skilling platform is the Watchlist. This provides a detailed table of information including live quotes that are arranged by country of origin and popularity. This dashboard is completely customisable, allowing traders to closely monitor their favourite assets.

  •  Trade Assistant 

This feature is suited to those who are just beginning to enter the world of financial trading and investment. The trade assistant provides an interaction with visuals and questions to customize the users trading experience and allow them to get the most out of their investments.

  •  Educational Resources

The platform offers ‘The Skilling Academy’, which provides educational resources for new users to learn various mechanisms and strategies to improve the success of their trades. You will also be provided with relevant news stories that offer further insight into what influences the marketplace.

  • Economic Calendar

The economic calendar is an extremely useful tool for both beginner and seasoned investors alike. Integrated into the dashboard, this calendar highlights upcoming economic and social events that will likely impact the financial markets. Users can choose to act on this information, or merely observe patterns to formulate future strategies.

Customer Support

The perfect customer experience is at the very heart of what the Skilling team strives to achieve. The platform provides friendly, multilingual customer support to all its users 13 hours a day, 5 days a week. This customer support is given through live webchat, phone and email which is a far superior service than is offered by many competitors, who merely provide an automated troubleshooting bot and frequently asked questions.

Conclusion: Skilling

As a relatively new addition to the world of online financial trading, it is surprising to find Skilling as a contender for one of the most professional and useful trading platforms the market has to offer. The company has invested a significant amount of energy and expertise into developing a trading platform that offers the perfect customer experience.

Being regulated by the world’s leading financial authorities shows that Skilling prioritises the safety and security of its users. The functionality of the dashboard is unrivalled for its user-friendly application and design that can cater for all manner of investors.

We highly recommend the Skilling platform as a market leader in CFD forex and cryptocurrency trading.

For full details of their offering, please visit their website here