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World Markets has set the standard for financial trading companies for over 17 years. Striving to create the perfect unification between investment markets and technology, this multi award-winning platform continues to innovate a rapidly evolving industry.

What began as a leading broker for bullion and digital gold, has now become a highly respected global brand that stays on the cutting edge of A.I technology and machine learning. World Markets have expanded their scope of operations through forming strong alliances with reputable partners, all of which are leveraged to provide customers with the best service possible. 

With more than 50,000 users around the world, World Markets manages over $30 million worth of assets and the Artificial Intelligence that powers their platform continues to outperform all other leading competitors.


A Multi Award-Winning Company

World Markets spent the first ten years of business dedicated to building trusted partnerships, expanding their base of operations and developing their unique software-based A.I solution. The main objective of this committed effort was to grow a brand that would gain world renown and earn the trust of tens of thousands of loyal customers. 

The introduction of cryptocurrency as a trading instrument was a natural progression for a business that employed a vast number of fintech specialists and expert software developers. Through their years of experience World Markets was able to bring these highly volatile digital assets to anybody who wished to trade, regardless of previous trading experience. 

By 2018, World Markets had already begun to claim accolades for their platform, being awarded Best Managed Account and Best Gold Dealer that year. The awards didn’t end there. In 2019, World Markets cleaned house across events and publications, winning The Best Trading Performance 2019 from World Forex Award, Best AI Company 2019 at the 22nd China (Guangzhou) International Investments & Finance Expo, named Best AI Company of the Year 2019 by Global Brands Magazine and the prestigious Best Bullion Exchange of the Year 2019 by the same publication. 

These awards are only given to companies that perform to the most professional standard possible, and World Markets continue to raise the bar for any trading brokerage that follows in its wake. 

2020 promises to bring more recognition for the quality of service that this leading company brings to the industry. 

Amazing Performance & Features  

A true innovation of World Markets is their A.I Managed Trading system. Using a combination of advanced A.I and machine learning, the software is able to accumulate vast quantities of market data in real time. It then interprets this data to identify the most profitable signals. These are then passed on to a team of expert financial traders who provide further analyses. The program has had years of development and refinement and can complete all these complex processes within fractions of a second. 

This unique collaboration between human and machine achieves an average monthly return of 20%, regardless of current market conditions. The MQL Copy Trading Platform that World Markets offers allows a user to access and manage their account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

A.I Managed Trading is a favourite among beginners and seasoned investors alike, but there are some who enjoy a more, hands-on trading experience. For these individuals, the secure MT4 and MT5 platforms can be used to seamlessly integrate accounts on World Markets and their partners in order to take a more manual approach. 

In order to cater for a global userbase, the World Markets platform is available in 100 different languages, with 37 telephone lines allocated to answering the queries of customers by a dedicated customer service staff. Users can also contact the company by writing an email to [email protected] where they will receive a reply within 24 hours of the initial enquiry. 

An Extensive List of Trading Instruments

A.I Managed accounts is very popular among those who wish to earn through the rapid price fluctuations of cryptocurrency. The sophisticated algorithms are capable of intercepting data across all trading markets and interpreting the information to provide reliable and accurate signals to a team of experts. This is an incredibly useful tool when navigating and speculating on leading cryptocurrencies. 

World Markets offer 16 different cryptocurrencies to choose from. Many other leading brands only offer a handful of coins. This huge selection is attractive to many enthusiasts who want to invest in these valuable digital assets.

Other tradable instruments include Gold and Silver bullion, exotic metals, digital gold (DGC), Security Token Offerings (STO) and an extensive list of fiat trading pairs. 

Strong Partnerships

World Markets has developed strong alliances with other regulated brands over the years. These partnerships grant the company access to direct suppliers of bullion, shipping companies, precious metal storage facilities and a wide range of decentralised cryptocurrency exchanges. 

By forging these partnerships over the years, World Markets have positioned themselves as the leading trading platform.

Security Protocols and Encryption

Securing user information, account details and funds is the highest priority for World Markets. Military-grade encryption approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) and 2FA authentication is employed to safeguard user’s privacy and their assets.  

The company also works with Tier-1 liquidity providers and large financial institutions to provide added layers of security for client holdings. 

MQL Copy Trader dashboard offers full transparency for users to track all trades executed by the platform and this information is available to them 24/7.

Account Types

World Markets offer 3 different accounts to their users. This could be better explained as a 3-tier system, with the lower ‘trial’ account being the foundation, followed by an intermediate standard account, and the top tier Gold Premium. Here we will detail each account type and the benefits that they offer:

Trial Account: This is the lowest level account that is valid for a 30-day period so that investors can familiarise themselves with the platform fully before committing more funds. The minimum deposit required is $2,500 and the account must be upgraded to one of the higher two tiers at the end of the trial period. 

Standard Account: The standard account grants access to A.I trading on all available instruments and is a popular choice among first time investors. This account requires a minimum deposit of $5,000. Standard Account holders can make up to 6 withdrawals per day. 

Gold Premium Account: Premium account holders are provided with a dedicated personal account manager. This account comes with all the benefits of the standard account, as well as additional discounts. You will also be able to test new beta systems being introduced before any standard account holder. The minimum required deposit for the Gold Premium account is $25,000 and users can make up to 12 withdrawals per day.

Payment Methods & Fees

World Markets accepts a wide range of secure payment methods including credit/debit card, Skrill, bank transfer, WebMoney, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Aside from the use of credit card, all payment methods are completely free of charge. 

World Markets charges a minimal asset management fee of 1%. Depending on whether you hold a Standard or Gold Premium Account, performance fees are 20% or a discounted 10% respectively. 

Conclusion: World Markets

If you are willing to make a slightly larger initial deposit as you begin your journey into investment trading, then the award-winning World Markets is the best place to begin. The proprietary software that powers the A.I Managed Account is revolutionary and retains a consistent accuracy to provide investors with maximum returns on their trades. Word Trades only employ the most seasoned financial experts and this added layer of analysis ensures that your money is in the safest hands. 

With so many cryptocurrencies and other trading instruments available, all investors can diversify their portfolio in a way that is not possible through other platforms. For those who opt for the Premium Gold Account, the personal account manager will devote their considerable expertise to ensure that your investments are successful. 

This platform may require a larger minimum deposit than others, but in return you enter one of the finest and most functional trading environments ever conceived.