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The Bitcoin Trade robot is one in a long line of automated crypto trading resources that has popped up within the past year. As this business model has been successful, and there is no lack of interested parties entering the space to pay for access, a number of fraudulent players have entered this space. Even among those platforms that aren’t scams, the advertising can be so deceptive that they might as well be full fledged scams.

So is the Bitcoin Trade Robot a scam? Fortunately, nope. Even so, just because the Bitcoin Trade Robot is legit, this does not mean that you’ll be able to make money effortlessly. Read the rest of the Bitcoin Trade Robot review to find out whether or not this interested automated trading model is worth it for you.

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How The Bitcoin Trading Robot Software Work?

To understand the Bitcoin Trading Robot, first we have to define our terms. When you see people crying “scam” about the Bitcoin Trading Robot and its competitors, we think that this is because people simply get involved before they know what they’re doing, at least most of the time.

The Bitcoin Trading Robot won’t sell you cryptocurrency. What it will do is allow you to make complex value speculations on the price of various digital currencies. For example, you might think that Bitcoin is going to go up in value over the course of the next week, because a large internet company just announced it would accept it as payment. The Bitcoin Trading robot is a great way to help you capitalize on this insight.
The Bitcoin Trading Robot connects users with third party brokers that sell CFDs. A CFD is a “Contract For Difference”. In such a contract, you’ll pay the market price for a certain amount of Bitcoin (or other coin). But instead of having this coin sent to your digital wallet, as with a broker like Binance, no coins will actually change hands. The Bitcoin Trading Robot doesn’t even have any Bitcoin!

Instead, your contract specifies that if the price of Bitcoin goes up during the duration of the contract, you will get your money back plus all of those profits when the contract ends. That’s a simplified way to explain this, and there are a bunch of other ways to use these contracts, but that gives you the gist. It’s all the profit potential of owning Bitcoin, without the trouble of actually having to own it.

The Bitcoin Trading Robot Technical Features

“But lots of brokers sell CFDs,” you say. “Why do I need to use the Bitcoin Trading Robot?”. Well, you could go to third party brokers on your own and set up your own CFDs one by one. Or you could use a piece of software to do it more effectively and quickly than you are likely capable of on your own.

You see, the Bitcoin Trading Robot is a piece of software that “understands” market trends. The stock market has existed for generations. The cryptocurrency markets have existed for about a decade. During this time, certain trends and patterns have emerged. Cryptocurrency prices tend to fall on Fridays, for example. The Bitcoin Trading Robot has been built to recognize these patterns, and to initiate trades automatically when certain market events occur.

It’s not a perfect method, but it works surprisingly well. What’s more, because the Bitcoin Trading Robot is…well…a robot, it doesn’t suffer from the human problem of only being able to do one thing at one, or of being super slow. The Bitcoin Trading Robot can initiate hundreds of trades in a minute, taking advantage of market events all over the industry, rather than honing in on one at a time.

When you sign up with the Bitcoin Trading Robot, you’ll have some ways to adjust the behavior of the bot as it pertains to your account and money. But once you allow it to begin, you will see trades start to occur very quickly, especially when the market is turbulent. Up or down, the Bitcoin Trading Robot is programmed to know how to take advantage of market movement.

The Bitcoin Method Profits

So how much money can you make with the Bitcoin Trading Robot? Well, profits aren’t guaranteed; in fact, you can lose all of the money you deposit. This is true of any kind of trading (no, the Bitcoin Trading Robot is not a scam just because it’s not perfect). But you can also make incredible returns. It all depends on a number of factors

  1. How Much Money Do You Risk? You should never risk more money than you could handle losing. If you get to the point where you have invested so much that you’re not going to be able to pay for food or shelter unless you get it back, then you’ve likely invested too much. But if you invest too little, there’s no way you’re going to make big gains. Find the right portion for you, and adjust your expectations accordingly. A good return would be anything above 10%, but some users double, triple, or quadruple their money. Sometimes even more.
  2. What’s Going on In the Market? We’ve already explained how the Bitcoin Trading Robot is meant to respond to market trends. But what happens when the market doesn’t follow established patterns? Well, the Bitcoin Trading Robot makes bad calls in these cases. The Bitcoin market is pretty chaotic. Just look at a chart of Bitcoin’s price history over the past 365 days. To call any of this a “pattern” is to be overly generous. The Bitcoin Trading Robot works best when things are a bit more predictable, as they are very often in crypto, despite sudden bull runs and bear busts. If you keep your money in for a long time, you’re likely to have access to more of these predictable periods than if you just stayed in for a week or two.

When you have profits, why not take them? It’s easy to try to shoot for the moon after you win once. But save a little bit of each win. It’ll keep you from losing everything when a loss does occur.

Tutorial About How to Use the Bitcoin Method

To begin, just put in your email address and phone number. Respond to the verification emails and make your first deposit with credit card or Paypal. Try the Bitcoin Trading Robot demo account first to learn the system before risking money. When you’re ready, make a formal deposit into a real contract, and let the Bitcoin Trading Robot do the rest.

Is The Bitcoin Trading Robot a Scam?

Everybody seems to be called the Bitcoin Trading Robot (and ALL of its competitors) a scam, but we don’t think that’s accurate. The Bitcoin Trading Robot seems to be a decent algorithmic method for trading for Bitcoin profits based on established market trends. It won’t get you rich overnight, but it could give you some profits without you’re having to babysit it day and night. At the very least, it’s a new method to try.

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