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Bitcoin autotrading software are a dime a dozen. With bitcoins and other altcoins emerging as viable and even lucrative investment and trading options, many are seeking the right software. The Crypto Method software is for crypto investments across a wide range of cryptocurrency, besides just bitcoin autotrading. Of course, the prime concern among users with a heightened interest in crypto trading is the question “Is Crypto Method a scam?” While some reviews have praised this automated trading software, others have said it is a dubious software.

Created by a man named Mike Lewis, the USP of this bitcoin robot is its alleged ability to generate incredible results within just 90 days. While the pros are visible (free trading account, trading in all major cryptocurrency), some concerns are also there. Firstly, the official website does not offer much in the way of information about the trading system, with statements and slogans as well as testimonials clouding the screen (and the picture). Marketed as one of the ‘greatest miracles’ in the cryptocurrency trading community, this crypto robot, and autotrading software can net you USD 13,000 in 24 hours, according to some reviewers.

Is Crypto Method a Scam or Legit?

Is Crypto Method legit? Given that it trades many altcoin pairs such as dash, ethereum, litecoin, ripple, monero, Z-cash, and neo, besides bitcoin autotrading, the chief concern for the user is not the variety. It is undoubtedly the claims of the users that leaves some room for doubt. According to the creator of this software, Mike Lewis, the Crypto Method has generated USD 18,484,931.77 in just under half of the past year. But there are no proofs to back these claims.

The software further promises to generate as much as USD 13000 with just a seed investment of USD 250! This leaves traders wondering about the veracity of their claims. The question you need to be asking is not whether this trading software is legit, but instead is Crypto Method a scam? The truth is out there, and nebulous, with some users claiming they were helped, while others panning the software. Other claims are that it has traded multiple sessions with few losing days and offers daily profits on a consistent basis. What is true is that this bitcoin robot offers fully and semi-automated trading options.

Who Founded Crypto Method?

The man behind the Crypto Method is Mike Lewis. The official site states he is an ex-software developer previously employed by a big company. To achieve easy success effortlessly, Mike states on the site that he left to develop this crypto trading robot and attained his monetary goals in under six months. According to the team that has developed this bitcoin robot, it is essentially for those who seek to become successful online investors, dealing in cryptocurrencies. Mike claims this software has made people millionaires, beating the likes of Uber, Airbnb, and Facebook for generating profits. Of course, these claims cannot be verified as there is no further information available about the founder. Many reviews are negative in their opinion that Mike Lewis actually exists! But the bitcoin autotrading software is definitely available. And there are clear video tutorials on how to make the most of it.

How Does Crypto Method Work?

To trade with Crypto Method, you need to open a free account with a minimum deposit of USD 250. The members of this software platform are said to enjoy retreats all over the world while engaging in just a few minutes of trading per day to generate profits using laptops or mobile devices. Crypto Method is exclusively reserved for those who have the yen to be online traders. However, the downside is they have not mentioned anything about the trading strategies, indicators used or even algorithms on which this crypto robot is based. Licensing is another grey area. However, their privacy policy and terms and conditions are comparatively detailed.

While there’s no starting cost for the account, the software itself is a crypto trading solution. Max returns are pegged at more than 100 percent with just an additional seed investment of USD 250. Another good point about this software is that it operates with top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges of the world.

But just as there are positive factors, so there are pitfalls. The daily results that these software users claim to achieve seems unrealistic, while many reviews have a dissatisfied tone.

How to Create an Account on Crypto Method?

This crypto trading software is freely available. But to place a trade, you need to fund the broker on this crypto platform with a minimum of USD 250. Visit the official website of the app. Then, you need to enter your email address on the form provided and click. The Crypto Method registration process is very simple because all you need to enter are some basic details like your surname and phone number. Following this, the trading auto-bot assigns the best broker by zeroing in on your location. With just a minimum deposit of USD 250, you can place a trade.

Learning from professionals, an average of 90% winning weeks and multiple trading sessions are on offer. This app claims to work on both Android and iOS too apart from Windows PC, MacOS, and laptops. Multiple signals are received by traders every day. The app also claims that you don’t need any previous trading knowledge to use it.

The Crypto Method uses existing infrastructure and fast computers to buy and sell assets through daily trading sessions. Apart from manual trading, auto trading modes are excellent for newbies and novices.

Conclusion: Is Crypto Method For Real or Not?

Some reviewers claim that the Crypto Method system is a re-engineered version of pre-existing CFD trading solutions. Results are not verified by third party or regulators and the trading software does not partner with legit investment platforms. On the other hand, some traders claim this software is perfect if you are looking for an authentic Altcoin investment robot.

This autotrader offers massive profits. An additional plus point is many reviewers recommend this software as profit-driven with low risks and great rewards. The Crypto Method is a complete package for meeting trading requirements and this app presents you with multiple deals. Additionally, it offers manual and auto trading options. At the end of the day, choosing to place a trade with this software or leaving it should be based on an informed and balanced viewpoint, rather than choosing to see it as a miracle or a scam.

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