1k Daily Profit Test & Review

In today’s world, cryptocurrency trading has become so popular that anyone who is investment savvy cannot overlook the amazing returns. One of the many trading algorithms available in the binary options space is 1k Daily Profit bot. It is essentially a trading robot marketed as a user-friendly tool for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

As an automated system, 1K Daily Profit can be used after you set up the expected parameters for the results you desire. To use this tool, you need to determine your acceptable risk level and how much you are willing to invest.

Knowing that there are several trading bots to choose from out there, what then makes the 1K Daily Profit bot stand out? Is it legit? To help you arrive at the answers to these questions, we have provided this short and thorough review as a worthwhile guide.

What is 1K Daily Profit?

The 1k Daily Profit is a cryptocurrency trading app designed for the benefit of all users that are within its community.  Every user is alleged to earn more than $1,000 of profit per day.

Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 96%
Performance - 92%
Ease of use - 85%
Customer service - 95%
App - 85%
Profitability - 87%
Reputation - 86%
Fast withdrawals - 95%
Security - 97%
User testimonials - 93%
Whos behind

Who is Behind 1k Daily Profit?

The man who designed 1k Daily Profit was John Becker and you can find out more about him through the platform itself.  After signing up to this software, you will be assigned to a registered broker who is closest to your geolocation. 

So, in real terms, it is the broker who received your deposit that is your closest identifiable personality. Since, 1k Daily Profit provides a network of brokers, we identified LV Grow Markets, registered in Bulgaria as one of the listed brokers. 

With the use of Meta Trader 4 by LV Grow Markets, some credibility is conferred on 1k Daily Profit as a possibly legitimate cryptocurrency trading robot.

Start Trading in 3 easy steps


To register, you need to simply create your account. By clicking on the account creation tab, you will be guided by the prompts. You will need to provide a username, an email address as well as your contact phone number.


Having signed up with the broker as provided by the software, you will now need to make a minimum deposit of $250. This deposit will fully activate your 1K Daily Profit membership access and rights.  


Now that your account is funded, it is time to start trading. Since what you have here is an auto-trading app, you will need to specify your preferred trading settings and your profit taking limits. 

What people are saying about 1K Daily Profit

Photo of Gabriel Jones

To be honest, I haven’t been earning $1,000 per day using this trading platform but I have been making really good profit. I think it depends on how much you invest. After a great couple of months, I feel confident to put some more money in

- Gabriel Jones

Pros & Cons


The platform is user-friendly
Comes with a very helpful FAQ section that provides guidance on how the bot works
This robot is designed to ensure that you have a daily trading profit
Meta Trader 4 algorithm in use.


Limited trading assets
A free demo account is not available

Is 1K Daily Profit Legit?

Any trading software needs to be verified in order to be able to decide whether it is a legitimate working model or a scam. If you are inexperienced, it is good to give any robot a try out before committing yourself financially.

A look at the 1K Daily Profit homepage will reveal a few testimonials by users, and these seem to be authentic. So, based on the information on the homepage, we recommend that you give this automated bot a try.

Our Experience with 1k Daily Profit

Registering an account with 1k Daily Profit is as easy as described on the website. When we did, we got the welcome email immediately after signing up. We then received a phone call from a member of the team to help with the deposit process.

Looking at the layout of the website, we found it simple to navigate and understand. Your access to this part of the app is only made possible after you complete the registration process and click on the confirmation link sent to your inbox.

The interface provides accessible links to the left side of your screen that leads to signals, brokers, settings, and FAQs. Your use of these resources is limited until you are able to pay the minimum $250 deposit. 

1k Daily Profit Key Features

Simple interface: Having a clean and simple interface makes 1k Daily Profit appealing to anyone who is new to cryptocurrency bots and investments. Through the control panel, a user will be able to set preferred limits and other variables.

Broker Network: This is important as most users might prefer to deal with a broker that is close to where they live. With a ready network, the 1k Daily Profit app automatically selects the closest broker to you.

Meta Trader 4 Algorithm: The most reported strength of MT4 is the elimination of bottlenecks in analytical activity and trading optimization. With this feature in place, you are better placed to trade seamlessly.

Conclusion: 1k Daily Profit

1k Daily Profit provides an amazing opportunity to earn in the cryptocurrency market by using the automated trading bot. Whether you are new to the cryptocurrency market or you are an experienced investor, you will find the processes here simple to use and understand.

There is no doubt that despite the features provided by 1k Daily Profit bot, there are still a few negative reviews about it out there.

As a trader in a volatile cryptocurrency market that promises huge returns, you need to know that legitimacy does not eliminate the risks inherent to trading with automated systems.

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