The 30k Challenge Review

An automated trading robot is computer software which analyses the market and at the opportune time, may place a trade, such as a long or a short. A long is essentially a bet that the price is going to increase over time while a short is essentially a bet that the price will decrease over time. This trading pattern is typically called swing trading and profits can be made through thorough technical analysis, good timing, and a bit of luck.

Because a lot of the trading process is easily automated it is possible that trading robots can simplify the process down for the end-user. In the crypto space, the volatility of something like Bitcoin can easily produce opportunities for life-changing profit to be made, but there is a certain level of risk also. Because of the nature of the cryptocurrency markets, we must carefully review all opportunities which promise to leverage crypto robots in order to discover which products are authentic and provide great opportunities for profit. 

What is the 30K Challenge?

The 30k Challenge is a cryptocurrency auto-trading software that can analyse huge amounts of live market data and determine where profitable opportunities arise for trading. The robot will then place these trades automatically on behalf of the user.  This does not mean that you remain powerless to affect your trades. Quite the contrary in fact, The 30k Challenge allows both automatic and manual trading. Even when you have set your trades to manual, the software will only trade within the risk parameters that you set beforehand. 

Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 92%
Performance - 95%
Ease of use - 92%
Customer service - 92%
App - 88%
Profitability - 87%
Reputation - 85%
Fast withdrawals - 90%
Security - 96%
User testimonials - 91%
Whos behind

Who is Behind the 30K Challenge?

The Founder of The 30K Challenge is Joey Altair. On his platform, he shows a sum of almost three-quarters of a million dollars and promises users that this account “could soon be yours”. While this could certainly be construed as an ambiguous statement, it isn't necessarily untrue. We know that with cryptocurrency, there are opportunities to earn profits which would be unachievable anywhere else.  This is due to the volatility of its market.

The fact that the creator of this platform is made available to the public lends weight to the legitimacy of The 30k Challenge.   

Start Trading in 3 easy steps


Registering is easy and follows the standard process. You’ll need to fill out your personal information such as name and email address. Afterward, you must then set a password.


The minimum requirement is a $250 deposit. It is highly recommended that you start with the minimum deposit while you learn. They accept credit card payments.


After you have funded your account you must pick your settings. Here, you can set your stop-loss and take-profit settings to limit the amount of risk you are willing to take.

What people are saying about 30K Challenge

Photo of Billy Johnston

I took the 30k Challenge and made $4,000 within a month! I held back a little with how much I was willing to put back in, if I’d known how good this software would prove to be, I’d have gone all out and no doubt hit the $30,000 mark. Oh well, I’m ecstatic about my 4 grand, and next month will be even better.

- Billy Johnston

Pros & Cons


Well-marketed product
Fast and easy signup process
High accuracy rating
Lots of positive user reviews
Automated trading available


General lack of transparency
Minimum deposit required to fully activate accounts

Is The 30K Challenge Legit?

In our assessment of the 30K Challenge, we discovered it to be an authentic trading instrument. While true that the promise of earning 30k a day is more than a little exaggerated, this doesn't take away the fact that we have a well-developed piece of trading kit here. The product may oversell a little on marketing, but it certainly makes up for that in the features and functionality that it affords it's users. So, we feel confident to recommend The 30k Challenge as a genuine platform. 

Our Experience with The 30K Challenge?

To test it out, we began the signing up process and was immediately provided with a video that explained the mechanics of the platform as well as some user testimonials. To activate an account requires a minimum deposit of $250, which we would advise sticking to until you are more familiar with the dynamics of investment trading. We felt encouraged by the testimonials, especially after our own testing period seemed to corroborate what had been attested.

We also test how easy it is to stop trading on a platform as a part of our review process. So reluctantly, after a couple of days of very successful trading, we withdrew our profits and contacted customer service with a request to close our account. This was done without any difficulty and we found the whole experience professional and above all else, profitable.  Auto trading robots can be a very useful tool to use, and we felt very reassured that the agent who contacted us after registration spoke of the inherent risk of investment trading. We feel that it is important for any platform to make these facts clear, especially to beginners.


The 30K Challenge provides a platform that can be used as a complete auto-trading solution to beginners and also a way for seasoned investors to automate some aspects of their trading strategies. The marketing division have certainly oversold on the promise of 30k a day, but this is still a solid robot that has been built on a good, working algorithm. Earning 30k per day is certainly possible with this software, but it would require you to roll the profits you have earned back into your trading account to up the stakes.

The 30k Challenge will give you as much opportunity for earning through auto-trading as leading robot products such as Bitcoin Code, Cryptosoft and The News Spy.  


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