Automated Crypto System 2019 Test & Review

It is always hard to come across a genuine cryptocurrency trading robot since they are new in the market. It is not like finding forex trading robots which are everywhere since even traders can make their own as long as they learn how to program with one of the programming languages allowed on the trading platforms. For cryptocurrencies, the trading robots are still new and some traders still passive all to be scams.

However, if you come across a legitimate crypto trading robot, like the Automated Crypto System, you will enjoy trading cryptocurrencies and will never get tired of making money since the robots do all the thinking and trading. Yours is only setting it up and collecting the profits thereafter.

What is this Automated Crypto System?

The term could easily be confused to mean a general automated system for trading cryptocurrency but that is not the case. Automated Crypto System is the name of a cryptocurrency trading robot, which was launched just the other day. Actually, it has turned to be one of the most effective crypto trading bots to be developed.

It claims that it was developed by a person called David Richmond, an expert developer in cryptocurrency field.

Is the Automated Crypto System legit? Or is it just another scam?

This is the question at the back of the mind of every crypto trader whenever he or she encounters a new crypto trading robot; is it something that is legitimate or will it end up being another scam? And for sure you cannot avoid asking yourself such questions since there are very many scammers out there and if you are not careful you may end up in the hands of one.

Actually, before falling for any crypto bot, take your time to research about it. Know what the other traders feel and say about it. Read through the reviews and try to clarify whether what is said in the reviews is true or false.

For the Automated Crypto System, we could not quite guarantee that it is a legitimate crypto bot. There is little feedback from traders about it and it would premature to term it as a legitimate crypto bot.

How does Automated Crypto System work?

The Automated Crypto System claims to trade Forex in addition to trading cryptocurrencies.

The platform is integrated with Option24 broker, which is a Russian Forex trading broker. By using a forex broker, it is quite unsure if the crypto bot is really optimized for cryptocurrencies or just forex pairs. Remember, cryptocurrencies are more volatile than forex markets and they require special trading robots that are more agile.

According to the developers, the system is designed to analyze the markets for probable signals every minute. Therefore, every minute the robot should generate a trading signal and then go ahead to place a trade respectively. This makes it a scalping robot which works well for Forex market though it is not confirmed for cryptocurrencies.

The developers also do ahead and claim that the bot also takes into account the fundamental analysis of the markets.

From these deliberations, we would recommend investing your money with another crypto bot if you really want to make money from cryptocurrencies.

Want an Automated Crypto System trading platform? Try an alternative!

Since we could not confidently prove that the Automated Crypto System bot is surely profitable when trading cryptocurrencies, we would recommend registering with a more recognized crypto bot like Bitcoin Loophole.

Bitcoin Loophole is a verified crypto bot. below is a step by step guide on how to invest with it:

STEP 1: Sing up with Bitcoin Loophole App platform

All you need to do is visit their official website and complete the sign-up process.

On the right side of their official website, you will see this dialog box where you are supposed to fill in your name and email address and then click on immediate access. You will be redirected to another dialog box where you should fill in your phone number and click gain access.

If the app has listed brokers that allow trading in your region, then you are allowed access and you get an account with them. And if not, it tells you there are no brokers for your region and denies you access.

STEP 2: Deposit

Before going any further with the app, you are required to deposit a minimum of $100 with a broker of your choice from the list provided by on the app’s platform.

There are a number of payment methods that are allowed, which include Western Union, credit cards, Paypal, WebMoney, Maestro, and Skrill among others.

STEP 3: Demo account

It is always important to test a trading robot before entrusting it with your real money. Once you make a deposit, you can access a demo account on the platform where you can familiarise yourself with the functionalities of the bot.

The only disadvantage here is that you have to deposit funds first before gaining access to the demo account. So, by the time you are using the demo, you have already decided to use the robot and there are chances of backing off in case its performance on the demo don’t interest you.

STEP 4: Real account trading

Once convinced that you can use the robot on a real account, activate the automated trading for the bot to start making trades automatically without your help.


Unfortunately, we could not recommend the Automated Crypto System crypto bot as a legit crypto bot 100%. It seems to be too much into forex trading and there are doubts that it could really survive in the crypto world.

However, we recommend opening an alternative account with a trusted crypto bot like Bitcoin Loophole among others.

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