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People everywhere want more money and greater capital appreciation, and this is the primary driving force for investments. The emergence of Bitcoin Blueprint is applaudable as it gives its users the opportunity to make optimal profits as they trade bitcoin. There is a growing interest in bitcoin all over the world as a result of its reported huge returns on investment in the last three years.  

Bitcoin Blueprint is an investment trading robot that is designed to help users maximize their profits in crypto trading. With the volatility of Bitcoin, it is difficult to manually keep track of market swings in order to earn a decent profit. However, with this trading bot, the full benefits of automation are provided to the user. 

Is Bitcoin Blueprint reliable? Are the reviews genuine? You need to read this guide to understand how it works and the opportunities that it provides.

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What is Bitcoin Blueprint?

When a robot is described, one major feature that cannot be left out is automation, it is designed to follow a set of commands in order to produce a given result. Bitcoin Blueprint is a trading bot that optimizes cryptocurrency trading for users so that they can earn the best returns.

On the bot homepage, there are several users’ reviews that indicate that they earn up to $1500 each day by trading with Bitcoin Blueprint. The bot community is easy to join, and the process is straightforward and easy.

Pros & Cons of Bitcoin Blueprint


  • 24/7 market analysis This robot is available 24/7 to analyse market data and help you make money.
  • 8X Proven trading strategy Users have access to 8X effective trading signals that provide optimal profits
  • No prior-trading experience required All users can make money with this bot as it is fully automated, and it is beginner friendly.
  • Matches AI with the success strategies of the bot team Every user is provided the full expertise of Artificial intelligence and the trading experience of the bot team.
  • Multiple deposit methods Each user can decide on the deposit method to use. Bank cards, bitcoin, wire transfers, and Sofort are available.


  • Few cryptocurrencies are available for trading.

How To Sign Up With Bitcoin Blueprint?

To sign up with Bitcoin Blueprint is simple. Registration can be completed in 2 minutes and you will be able to join other users who are making money with this profitable bot. This is what you need to do:


The first step is to register. On the website, go to the registration tab, and fill in the details required. All that is required is to provide your name, email address, phone number and set a password. 

To confirm your registration, you must click on the new account verification link sent to your inbox. After this, you will have your registration confirmed.


The next step after registration is to make a deposit in order to fund your trading account. This is the only way you can gain access to the user dashboard. The minimum deposit is $250, and you are advised to start small, and gradually build your trading capital as you gain more understanding of the bot.

Start Trading

By making your initial deposit, you are then able to start trading.  You will be able to access all the features of this crypto trading bot and you can begin to make money. Most users of this software are able to make $504 within 8 hours of their first trade. So, you can decide your trading limits, and set your withdrawal frequency.

Is Bitcoin Blueprint Legitimate? 

User reviews point to the legitimacy of Bitcoin Blueprint. Apart from this, our use of the website showed that there are support staff on standby to help users with their questions. There is always someone waiting to help you understand anything to make your trading easy. 

The reviews on the website appear genuine and you should be comfortable to register and start trading today. 

Who Created Bitcoin Blueprint?

John Quigley is the founder of Bitcoin Blueprint and he is a reputed cryptocurrency researcher and Wall Street veteran who made his name in high frequency investment flipping. As a professional investment analyst, he channelled all his winning trading strategies into the development of Bitcoin Blueprint. 

Why We Are Using Bitcoin Blueprint? 

We got a call from the customer service team after we confirmed our registration. The account manager explained how the bot works and the payment methods available for users in our country.

The courtesy and the patience of the caller in responding to our questions actually won us over. With the risk-free opportunity to explore the demo account, we had enough time to see all the features that the bot provides.  With such transparency, Bitcoin Blueprint surely has what it takes to be a market leader.

How Does Bitcoin Blueprint Behave Compared with Other Robots? 

Using Bitcoin Blueprint is a new and pleasant experience. While other robots might have similar features, these are notable to mention: 

Demo Trading: Access to demo trading allows the user to get first-hand experience on how the bot ecosystem works.

Data -driven strategies: The trading strategies here are not just experience-driven but based on big data simulation. Why human experience might fail, data analysis can be counted on for accuracy.

Online & real-time: The huge profit returns are made possible by real-time updates provided by the bot. While other bots are bogged down by time lags, Bitcoin Blueprint is accurate to the millisecond.

Ease of Withdrawals: Every user is free to determine how and when to withdraw profits and no limits are imposed.

Conclusion: Bitcoin Blueprint

Bitcoin Blueprint is high on accuracy with its reputed 8X validated trading strategies that are optimized for cryptocurrencies and other trading assets. 

With a network of trusted brokers available, every user can expect adherence to the best practices specified by regulatory authorities.

You are in safe hands when you sign up with Bitcoin Blueprint.

To get started with Bitcoin Blueprint now simply click the link below and start trading!

Bitcoin Blueprint
Key Features
Proven Technology
Live Market Trading Charts
Very Low Minimum Deposit
Min Deposit
United States
Key Features
Proven Technology
Live Market Trading Charts
Very Low Minimum Deposit
Payment Methods
Debit Card, Credit Card, Wire Transfer
Bitcoin Blueprint is an investment trading robot that is designed to help users maximize their profits in crypto trading.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is my personal data safe?

    Yes. This bot does not share user data with third parties.

  2. Is there customer support?

    Yes. Customer service lines are available as well as live chats.

  3. How much time do I need on the bot each day?

    The bot requires not more than 15 minutes of your time each day. Just to update your trading limits and process your withdrawals.

  4. How much is the minimum deposit?

    You need at least $250 to start trading.

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