Bitcoin Bonanza Review

Bitcoin is the most successful cryptocurrency project around the globe to date and investors are still rushing to invest in it due to its potential. There are even prospects that bitcoin could be adopted by governments in the future to replace paper currencies.

Even despite the recession that is currently affecting it, its value is still too high compared to the rest of cryptocurrencies. And taking into consideration that in 2017 its value had hit $20,000 per coin, then buying it now could translate to huge profits if the coin is to regain its lost glory which it is very much capable of doing.

Bitcoin Bonanza Review

What is Bitcoin Bonanza?

They are regulated. Every user of the cryptocurrency network has a say on the value of the cryptocurrency, which makes the value very fluid.

However, bot developers since they have come up with a number of bitcoin trading bot like Bitcoin bonanza, CryptoSoft, and others, which trade on behalf of the traders and make profits for them.

Bitcoin bonanza is one of the latest bitcoin trading robots to be released. It claims that it was developed by John Trueman, though little is known about this developer and it is even hard to tell if at all it is a real person or just a name.

According to the developer, the robot takes over the whole bitcoin trading process. It analyses the bitcoin market, identifies the perfect entry points, places orders and even closes the orders without the help of the trader. The work of the trader is to set up the robot and then collect the profits afterwards.


Our Recommended Robot to Try Out

Whilst we would recommend you staying away from the above robot, there are robots that are trustworthy. Below is a step by step of Bitcoin profit, a robot that we have tried and tested and found that it is not a scam. Signing up to this robot is simple, it consists of 3 steps; signing up, depositing and the start trading! The instructions below will give you more information, you can click the link below to get started.

Step 1: Registration

Registering is easy, you’ll need to fill out your name, email address, phone number and then set a password. Signing up is completely free, click the link below to get started. Once signed up, you’ll receive a confirmation email and will need to verify your account.

Step 2: Deposit

Once into your account, hit the deposit button to get started. You will need to deposit the minimum amount, which is $250, and we’d recommend not going over this on day 1. Start small and grow. Bitcoin Profit offers several payment methods, with card payments being the most popular.

Step 3: Auto-trading

Once you have funded your account, you will need to decide the trade settings you intend to use. This includes managing your risk by determining your stop loss and take profit limits. You can also decide which cryptocurrencies you want to trade and how many you want to trade at once.

Is Bitcoin bonanza legit? Or is it a scam?

From the look on the official website of Bitcoin bonanza, it was quite hard to prove that it was a legit bitcoin trading bot. the possibilities of it being a scam are very high since there is scanty information about it even on their website.

How does the Bitcoin bonanza work?

On the homepage of Bitcoin bonanza, it claims that the bot is completely free of charge. However, you will have to deposit some money with an unregulated broker for you to be allowed to use the services of the platform.

Also, investors have been offered a commission for convincing other traders to join Bitcoin bonanza.

From in-depth research, Bitcoin bonanza does not seem to be a serious offer and it could be good is a trader looked for an alternative instead. There are a lot of things that are not adding up from the testimonials to the information on how the account works.

Alternative Robots

Want a Bitcoin Bonanza account? Try an alternative!

Due to the lack of concrete information about Bitcoin bonanza, it is hard to recommend the robot as a scam and not a scam. For this reason, it would be better to register with an alternative automated trading platform like Cryptosoft instead.

Cryptosoft is an already tested crypto trading bot and it would serve better than Bitcoin bonanza.





If you look at the promotional video on the homepage, the founder is nowhere to be seen. We would expect that he shows up and explain the system himself before the testimonials are given. Again, the popular people who appear in the testimonials do not mention anything to do with Bitcoin bonanza at all.

This could be a scam and it is wise to try other tested cryptocurrency/bitcoin trading robots like Cryptosoft instead.

Whilst we would advise you staying away from this robot, check out our favourite robot or choose from other alternative robots below.

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