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The world of investments has undergone severe disruptions in the last decade. With the rise of cryptocurrencies, it has become evident that price volatility and the availability of more than 2,000 tradeable tokens and coins beats the capacity of manual human assessment. 

To be able to assess the status of the crypto market, keep a track of the ever-changing prices, and place a profitable position, the use of a robot is required.  This is what led to the invention of Bitcoin Boom, a crypto trading bot that navigates the market using Artificial Intelligence and best of available technology.

With this bot, there are claims that you can rake in thousands of dollars in profits and maintain a healthy crypto portfolio.  Is this bot believable? Can it deliver as described? The answers and many more are included in this guide.

What is Bitcoin Boom?

Bitcoin Boom is a robot trader that optimizes cryptocurrency positions so that users can make profits by following its leads.  With Bitcoin dominating the market capitalization of all coins and tokens, it is certainly profitable to anchor a robot on it. 

According to the bot homepage, users are able to make up to $5,000 in profit as they speculate on the direction of the market. With such claims, it is expected that most people will jump on the bandwagon and invest with Bitcoin Boom.

Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 95%
Performance - 89%
Ease of use - 89%
Customer service - 93%
App - 97%
Profitability - 90%
Reputation - 91%
Fast withdrawals - 89%
Security - 96%
User testimonials - 85%
Whos behind

Who is Behind Bitcoin Boom?

There is no information on the bot homepage about its creator. However, depending on the territory you register from, you will be able to access the user dashboard after you are matched with any of the service providers in the network of reputable brokers. 

You will be contacted by customer service personnel who will guide you through the account dashboard and funding options. Wealth Capital is one of the trusted brokers on the platform.

Start Trading in 3 easy steps


Every user has to register at the bot homepage to have access to the account dashboard. What is needed is your name, phone number, and email address. Also, the user has to provide a password before clicking on the ‘register’ tab. This process can be completed in under 2 minutes. Next, you need to go to email inbox to click on the account creation verification link in order to activate your account.


Having activated your account, what comes next is to fund it. You need to make a deposit of at least $250 to be able to commence trading. After your deposit goes through, you can access the user dashboard fully and check its functionalities.


With your deposit made, you can now start trading. Set your withdrawal and trading limits, and watch your profits grow. The frequency of your withdrawals will depend on how much profits you are making. If you are trading daily without pauses, you surely can make daily withdrawals to your preferred account using your specified method. While it is okay to begin live trading if you have a grasp of the robot, it is also advisable for you to practice trading with the demo account. The demo account makes it possible for a user to get familiar with the features of the bot before commencing live trades. This is an added advantage that can prevent you from losing money to errors or misjudgments.

What people are saying about Bitcoin Boom

Photo of Emelia Brown

Bitcoin Boom allows me to earn a passive income that rivals the wage I earn from my full-time job. The free demo account was really helpful because I’d never traded with this kind of software before. Highly recommend.

- Emelia Brown

Pros & Cons


Stop-loss Trigger allows the user to set the conditions that will prevent a loss of trading capital or earned profits.
User has access to a free demo account in order to learn the ropes before committing to any trade.
High-Profit Ratio allows for a potential ROI of 40%.
All withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours.


Not available in every country, and US citizens are excluded.

Is Bitcoin Boom Legitimate? 

While this is important to find out, the evidence that exists can be traced to the bot homepage. Users’ reviews are posted on the website to indicate that the daily profits are genuine and that your withdrawals are not impeded.

Why We Are Using Bitcoin Boom?

Bitcoin Boom rates highly in the marketplace of crypto trading bots. Apart from having a stellar performance record, all classes of users will find it easy to use and comprehend the bot. Also, the platform provides trusted encryption security that prevents loss of account or compromise of your personal data.

By putting a call through to each user before account dashboard access is allowed, the bot prioritizes user integrity in its operations, This prevents undesirable elements from gaining access to the platform.

How Does Bitcoin Boom Behave Compared with Other Robots?

Bitcoin Boom has some firsts that are worth highlighting when comparing it with some competitors:

Trading Tools: Daily market analyses, verified trading signals, eBooks, and educational videos are provided for user training.

Ease of withdrawal: Withdrawal requests are easy to fill in and response time does not exceed 24 hours.

Market Charts are Provided: The user has access to daily market charts on the account dashboard. This gives a visual appreciation of market trends.

Live Chat: Users can access customer support with the live chat function directly from the account dashboard.

Multiple deposit methods: Allowing the use of VISA and Mastercard deposit makes it user-friendly as this is the preferred payment option of most users. Sofort payment is also enabled.

Conclusion: Bitcoin Boom

There are many reasons to rate Bitcoin Boom as legit. Apart from the user reviews on its homepage, the user interface and resources available point to a verifiable basis to make money trading cryptocurrency. The bot is therefore believable and trustworthy to enable users to earn daily profits in crypto trades.

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