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The desire to make thousands of dollars in passive income is one that few people can resist. With several online reports detailing success stories in bitcoin trading, it is only logical that investment vehicles will emerge in the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin Era is a robot that is optimized for cryptocurrency trading, and with bitcoin accounting for more than 52% of the market capitalization, it is a wise choice to explore this opportunity. Bitcoin Era is a cryptocurrency trading bot that can turn dreams into reality for would-be bitcoin investors. The fact that investing here requires as little as $250 is an added incentive. So, whether you are a student, experienced worker or a freelancer, you can start with the minimum deposit to kick off your Bitcoin Era journey.

Someone might ask; Is this trading bot genuine? Can it be trusted? That is why we have prepared this guide to answer these questions and more.

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What is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is a robot that is optimized for cryptocurrency trading, and with bitcoin accounting for more than 52 percent of the market capitalization, it is a wise choice to explore this opportunity.

The Bitcoin Era homepage provides testimonials that several users have earned up to $10,478 in the first  few hours. The sign-up process is easy, and after paying your minimum deposit, you can join others who are making daily profit with this crypto trading bot.

Bitcoin Era Features:

  • Professional trading indicators
  • Superior Technology
  • Robust risk management

Pros & Cons of Bitcoin Era?


  • Hourly withdrawals. The ease of hourly withdrawals is guaranteed for every user.
  • Automated trades. According to the website, you do not need to spend more than 20 minutes each day on this robot. You only need to check your account status or increase your daily investments. Everything else is taken care of.
  • Daily profits. A user of this software should expect an average of $1100 each day as earned typically by members of Bitcoin Era.
  • Huge Reputation. The bot has a huge reputation in the cryptocurrency trading marketplace for its impressive accuracy rating.


  • No demo account is available.

How to Sign Up With Bitcoin Era

To be able to use the web trader, you need to complete the simple registration process as follows: 




On the website, you need to click on the sign-up tab to be redirected to the registration link. You are required to provide your full names, email address, password, and your phone number. After you click on the ‘register’ tab, the page expands to request your address, date of birth, and gender. 

You need to click on the membership confirmation email sent to your inbox to be able to proceed to the next stage.

Make a Deposit



After your registration is complete, you will be redirected to make your deposit. You can choose to pay the minimum required amount or go higher. On completion of your deposit, you will be able to access the user dashboard.

Start Trading



With the trading dashboard now accessible, you are free to check your status and set your withdrawal frequency. For a user who signs up with a minimum deposit paid, the website claims that you can make $200 in one hour. To withdraw your earnings, you are free to do so every hour, if that’s your preference.

Is Bitcoin Era Legitimate?

There are user reviews on the robot homepage that state that the profit claims are genuine. With several authentic users providing a commendable account of their experience, it seems fair to say that Bitcoin Era is not a scam. More Cryptocurrency Robots.

Who Created Bitcoin Era? 

ProCapitalMarkets is one of the brokers working with Bitcoin Era, and if you are in a territory where this company operates, you can expect a call from any of its customer service representatives. However, since a network of brokers are available, you will get a good match irrespective of where you live.

Why We Are Using Bitcoin Era? 

After we completed the registration process outlined above for Bitcoin Era, we got a call from one of the account managers. 

The caller took time to explain how the bot works and offered to help with any other area of difficulty. With such prompt follow-up to a new account user, it is safe to award the company full marks for user management and customer care.

Every user must click on the confirmation link sent to the inbox for access to the user dashboard to be activated. After this, you will be required to select your deposit payment option. 

How Does Bitcoin Era Behave Compared with Other Robots? 

Bitcoin Era lines up a few features that gives it a head start among other trading robots. These include:

  1. Deposit & Withdrawal: Bitcoin Era is applauded for its use of several deposit and withdrawal options. PayPal, Skrill, Mastercard, Visa, and WebMoney are all accepted payment methods.
  2. Laser Speed processing: The bot, according to its website, performs to pin-point accuracy 99.4% of the time, giving its users the opportunity to triple and even quadruple their investments.
  3. Time-Leap Technology: This bot is reputed to be ahead of the market by 0.01 seconds, giving a perfect chance to outperform other competitors.
  4. Award Winner: As a trading bot, it is an adjudged winner in the software trading ranking by the USA Traders Association.

Bitcoin Era
Key Features
Professional trading indicators
Superior Technology
Robust risk management
Min Deposit
United States
Key Features
Professional trading indicators
Superior Technology
Robust risk management
Payment Methods
Credit Card, Debit Card, Wire Transfer
Bitcoin Era is an automated trading platform that trades bitcoin for you. It will get you into a trade and close the position, all you need to do is turn it on.

Conclusion: Bitcoin Era 

Bitcoin Era is a revolutionary web trader that enable users to make daily profits. With the state-of-the-art technology driving the bot, trading efficiency is assured, and the user is given a better pedestal to maximize profits.

The reputation of this trading bot is an imposing one that cannot be ignored, and more people will find it helpful to sign-up and grow their wealth.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much is the software?

    The software is not sold to users. You have access to it when you register and make your deposit.

  2. Is this another MLM?

    No. It is not designed as an affiliate marketing tool. Cryptocurrency trading is the focus of this robot.

  3. Are there hidden fees?

    There are no hidden fees whatsoever, and you can withdraw your earnings as often as you wish.

  4. How much can I make each day?

    The trading records of existing members show that some have made up to $1 million within 61 days.

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