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The surge in the value and volumes of Bitcoin trade in the last three years has opened a new vista for investors around the globe. With Bitcoin market cap sitting at over 135 billion USD at the time of writing, investment advisors and traders are looking at how best to make money from the leading cryptocurrencies making the headlines daily.

Bitcoin is traded round-the-clock, and this means that the window for profit making is open 24 hours. The use of the Bitcoin Fortune crypto trading bot makes it possible for Bitcoin traders to optimize their gains. So, how does this work? The answer is detailed in this guide. 

What is Bitcoin Fortune?

Bitcoin Fortune is a crypto trading software that wades through the vast quantities of global data relevant to Bitcoin, providing the best trading positions, enabling you to make a daily profit. This trading bot analyses the market at a speed that would not be possible for a human being, in order to provide signals detailing the opportune times to buy and sell Bitcoin profitably.

Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 88%
Performance - 95%
Ease of use - 87%
Customer service - 91%
App - 99%
Profitability - 92%
Reputation - 93%
Fast withdrawals - 95%
Security - 91%
User testimonials - 86%
Whos behind

Who is Behind Bitcoin Fortune?

The inventor of Bitcoin Fortune is not stated on the bot homepage. The core functionality and features of the bot show that only a consummate computer programmer with in-depth knowledge of machine learning and cryptocurrency trading could have invented this software. You can be sure that depending on where you live, you will be matched with one of reputable brokers that are connected to the bot network. 

Start Trading in 3 easy steps


The account sign-up process is easy, simply fill in the required details. Provide your email address, full name, phone number and choose a password. You should select a strong password that contains lower and uppercase characters and at least one number.


You can now fund your account by selecting your preferred secure payment method. This is important for your account to be activated. You shouldn’t put in more money than you can afford and start with the minimum deposit required until you have completely familiarised yourself with the software.


You can start trading immediately after funding your account. You will be able to set your stop-loss and take limits and withdrawal frequency. You should also select which cryptocurrencies you would prefer to trade at this stage. Once you are happy, you can begin earning profits from your new trading account.

What people are saying about Bitcoin Fortune

Photo of Patrick Harper

Bitcoin Fortune is an incredible bit of software. I have absolutely no experience with trading, and it turns out I didn’t need any. It's very easy to use and I just have to check my account a couple of times a day. Withdrawals were straight in my bank within a day and I top my monthly wage up by at least $1,500. I use Bitcoin Fortune, and I never look back.

- Patrick Harper

Pros & Cons


Automated Trades: The user enjoys the comfort of auto trades on this bot just by setting the desired preferences.
Several Deposit Options: To fund your account, PayPal, Skrill and Bank transfer options are available.
In-Dashboard Support: To enjoy online support, customer service can be contacted directly from the account dashboard.
Daily Profits Withdrawal: Every user can withdraw daily profits without hindrances.
Multiple Platform Access: You can access the bot on your mobile and desktop gadgets.


Small Limitations: The number of cryptocurrencies to trade here are limited.

Is Bitcoin Fortune Legitimate?

Yes, Bitcoin Fortune is a legitimate automatic trading platform. The fundamental principles that govern the software seem to have been expertly developed. The verified testimonials provided by its users reveal how everyday people, with little to no trading background, have earned good profits by making use of this investment tool.

Using a software that has been designed by a team of professional programmers and seasoned investors is important if you want to increase your chances of successful trading.  Bitcoin Fortune is fast building a reputation for bringing regular, large returns to its customers. 

The huge network of brokers that are affiliated with Bitcoin Fortune are all regulated by authorities such as the FCA, FINRA, SEC and CYSEC.  The regulations that your broker adheres to is set by the agency that operates in your territory.  

Our Experience with Bitcoin Fortune

As soon as we signed up to the platform, we were contacted by a customer services representative who informed us that they could answer any questions that we may have, before we begin our trading. Naturally, we asked for the full tour, and was immediately impressed by how the agent was able to walk us through the entire functionality and features of the software. 

In truth, this was to test their customer service skills, which certainly surpassed our expectations.  We actually found the layout of the dashboard very well-designed and easy to navigate from the offset, without any need of instruction.  That said, it is reassuring to know that somebody is there to help when needed.  

Conclusion: Bitcoin Fortune

Using Bitcoin Fortune provides a stress-free approach to trade cryptocurrencies, make profits, and grow your personal wealth.  There is no need to face the rigor of sitting all day in front of a computer to manually track market data when a trusted trading bot is available. Bitcoin Fortune provides the required trading signals and all the user must do is follow the prompts to potentially make impressive profits, daily.

To get started with Bitcoin Fortune now simply click the link below and start trading!

Bitcoin Revolution
Key Features
Trade with Top Rated and Reliable Brokers
New Users Report Minimum 39% Success Each Month
Free Software With No Hidden Fees
Min Deposit
United States
Start Trading View key features
Key Features
Trade with Top Rated and Reliable Brokers
New Users Report Minimum 39% Success Each Month
Free Software With No Hidden Fees
Payment Methods
Visa, Mastercard, Credit Card, Debit Card, Wire Transfer
Bitcoin Revolution is a groundbreaking automatic cryptocurrency-trading robot that analyses market signals and executes trades with market-leading speed.

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