Bitcoin Lifestyle Review

In a space dominated by stocks, CFDS, and commodity trading for so long, Bitcoin made a huge impact in 2017. Now, when people talk about investments, Bitcoin cannot be left out as its amazing price surge in the last three years remains unparalleled.

Bitcoin Lifestyle was designed to further consolidate the possibilities that investors are now taking note of around the world. As an automated trading bot, riding the price volatility of Bitcoin for daily profits never looked more realistic.

With record-breaking returns on investments becoming the norm for cryptocurrencies, the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is becoming very popular. Whether you love day trading, or you prefer incremental returns, Bitcoin Lifestyle provides an opportunity for profit that you cannot ignore. 

So, can this software be trusted? This guide answers all your questions.

What is Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a robot that is optimized to enable you to earn daily profits in crypto trading without the hassle of sitting down all day to read through charts and market reports. With the price of Bitcoin fluctuating so rapidly, having a web trader you can trust is advisable. This bot is proven to deliver unrivalled accuracy on its analytics and market signals.  

Bitcoin Lifestyle is easy to sign-up with and a minimum deposit of $250 is all you need to become a part of this profitable crypto trading community.

Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 88%
Performance - 93%
Ease of use - 89%
Customer service - 87%
App - 89%
Profitability - 99%
Reputation - 97%
Fast withdrawals - 87%
Security - 87%
User testimonials - 94%
Whos behind

Who is Behind Bitcoin Lifestyle?

It is reported that Bitcoin Lifestyle was created by experienced and proven crypto traders, but we found that their names are not disclosed on the bot homepage. That said, every Bitcoin Lifestyle user is matched with the closest reputable broker to their location after completing the account registration. One such broker is Wisefunds Inc; a regulated and trusted investment company.

Start Trading in 3 easy steps


Getting registered is really simple. Go to the new user column on the bot homepage and enter your name and email address. After you provide your phone contact, you only need to agree to the terms and conditions by checking the box provided. Up next, you will receive a confirmation link in your inbox. Click on this link and you will be led to take the next step.


Just before you fund your account, a call will be put to you by one of the customer service representatives. This is necessary in order to verify that you are human and to maintain the integrity of the registration process. At this stage, you will be required to make your deposit of $250 using any of the supported methods. You are able to access the customer dashboard as soon as your deposit is successful.


You will be able to view all the features of the bot after activating your account. Although Bitcoin Lifestyle allows you to use a self-activation feature, expect a caller to get across to you within 10 minutes of your making your deposit. The account management officer is expected to help you understand how the bot works and what to expect.

What People Are Saying about Bitcoin Lifestyle

Photo of Grayson Taylor

I’m returning to our time-share villa in Spain for the third time this year because of Bitcoin Lifestyle. I don’t expect you to believe that this review is real, don’t really care. Just thought that I’d give a little back and try to help whoever reads this the way that Bitcoin Lifestyle has helped me. I’m still the same guy, but now I spend more time enjoying than I do slogging.

- Grayson Taylor

Pros & Cons


Zero Trading Skills- Completely operated and executed by robot software, it requires zero trading skills or knowledge in the field.
Advanced Technologies- The platform uses sophisticated technologies like A.I. and Machine learning to analyze data, charts, and graphs.
Easy Withdrawals- You can withdraw your earnings whenever you want without any restriction of time or minimum amount.
Deposit Methods- A wide range of deposit methods that include VISA, Mastercard, bank credit and debit cards, Neteller, and Bitcoin are available.
Data Security- The platform is secured with high-level encryption for data safety and protection.


Offline Trading- Current version does not support offline trading.
Limited Cryptocurrency- There is a limited number of cryptocurrencies available for trading.
Degree of Risk - Automated trading comes with its own set of risks. Only invest an amount that you can afford to lose.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle Legitimate?

Bitcoin Lifestyle is easy to use, which is self-evident through its growing trading community of ordinary, everyday people. A look at the reviews provided by its users indicates many individual success stories. 

Seeing and reading about how other people make a minimum of 30 percent profit each day is a big deal. Others talk about making $1100 each day using the software.

Why We Are Using Bitcoin Lifestyle? 

 When we completed our registration on the Bitcoin lifestyle website, we were sent an email with a confirmation link. Clicking on this verification link led us to the broker website. On the dashboard, we were prompted to fund our account using the supported methods. This process was simple and easy to complete. 

Navigating the dashboard was very simple, with an outline that leads to account status, withdrawal setup as well as the web trader status. With such an uncluttered dashboard, a new user can get used to the bot quickly and without difficulty.

How Does Bitcoin Lifestyle Behave Compared with Other Robots? 

Bitcoin Lifestyle shares some similarities with other bots. In addition, it also has some unique features:

  • Self-activation: While some bots cannot be activated without help, the experience is different here. Just by following the prompts, you can use self-activation and start trading.
  • Meta Trader 4 Support: Several bots can boast of hi-tech features that do not work as described. With this bot, the reputed MT4 is provided, enabling the user to trade securely.
  • Cross-Platform Functionality: Not all bots are cross-platform friendly. This bot makes a difference. You can access it on both mobile and desktop gadgets.
  • Deposit Options: The user has a range of deposit available to them. Whether you are using Mastercard, VISA, Neteller, Skrill or Wire transfers, this bot supports them all.

Conclusion: Bitcoin Lifestyle

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a crypto trading robot with proven results that enables you to make a daily profit with as little as $250 in minimum deposit. You can choose how much you are willing to trade, withdraw, or reinvest as you use the bot. 

With a network of trusted brokers that are accessible across the globe, we feel that this community of traders will continue to grow.

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