Bitcoin Loophole Test & Review

The BLS or Bitcoin Loophole System is one of the most innovative new crypto trading software founded by well-known investor Steve McKay.

As Bitcoin has become an established part of the global financial landscape, traders have found increasingly ingenious ways to streamline the process. Automation in Bitcoin trading is one of the most obvious ways to ensure you don't miss any opportunities to cash in on Bitcoin's success. An increasing number of bots exist to make buying and selling Bitcoin easy and profitable. 


What is Bitcoin Loophole?

The Bitcoin Loophole System (BTC Loophole) app is one of the more promising Bitcoin bots, developed by Bitcoin investor and trader Steve McKay. McKay claims that people using the application can get positive results and rapid gains, even if they have little prior experience in trading. The BTC Loophole app is designed to allow both manual and automated trading. The bot's main claim to fame is that it demonstrates its effectiveness quite quickly once you begin using it. Reviews and testimonials suggest that the bot can help generate stable earnings, regardless of the trader's level of experience.



Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 86%
Performance - 89%
Ease of use - 94%
Customer service - 96%
App - 85%
Profitability - 86%
Reputation - 92%
Fast withdrawals - 85%
Security - 99%
User testimonials - 95%
Whos behind

Who is Behind Bitcoin Loophole?

The main brain behind the Bitcoin Loophole system is Steve McKay. McKay began coding as a teenager in the 1990s, starting with small software applications. Recognising the potential offered by the internet and computer technology, he opted to focus his studies on computing. When Bitcoin emerged on the scene, McKay was intrigued by the possibilities the new currency offered. He began looking for ways to profit from cryptocurrency and eventually moved into automated trading bots. After finding that he could make significant sums using the software he'd developed, McKay decided to turn his ideas into marketable products. McKay has created various systems for automating cryptocurrency trades, including the Bitcoin Code system and others. 

Start Trading in 3 easy steps


Navigate to the website’s sign-up page at Enter your full name and email address in the fields provided, then click “Get access now”. You will then be taken to the Bitcoin Loophole members’ area, where you’ll be prompted for additional details.


When you’ve completed your registration, you will be redirected to the page for your online broker. You’ll need to create a trading account in order to use BTC Loophole. Once your trading account is set up, you will need to deposit a minimum of $250 before you can start trading.


Once you’ve made your initial $250 deposit, you will be redirected to the main login page for the Bitcoin Loophole site. Use the login you created when you registered to sign in. You will then be able to start trading straight away, using the automated system or manual trades.

What People Are Saying about Bitcoin Loophole

Photo of Paul Aldert

Is it a loophole? Because this website is making me a packet of money. I can only imagine what the guys who built it bring home. I’m not complaining, my income has shot up. They say money can’t buy happiness; well it goes a bloody long way towards doing!! Thank you guys, sincerely.

- Paul Aldert

Pros & Cons


The app is suitable for both new and experienced traders - you don't need to know much about Bitcoin to use it
Automated trading makes it simpler to play the cryptocurrency market
Manual and automated options
Easy to sign up
User-friendly interface with multiple languages


Binary trading options can have a higher risk of losing your money
It's not possible to test the app with small sums; the minimum deposit is $250
You need to register with a broker to use the software

How does Bitcoin Loophole App Work?

The bot is designed to use recognised financial models to interpret trends in cryptocurrency markets, making predictions and carrying out trades based on the information it gathers. BTC Loophole also makes use of arbitrage, which is the practice of buying coins on one platform and then selling them for a higher price on another.

According to a detailed review of Bitcoin Loophole, it has the ability to spot prevalent patterns unlike any of the market competition. This is accomplished with the help of cloud technology, patent strategies and a pool of experienced global cryptocurrency experts. The benefit of all these is accorded to the international community of Bitcoin Loophole global members. This also ensures them high profits every day without any work on their part.

There are several reasons for Bitcoin Loophole providing excellent returns to investors. Chief amongst these and one of the biggest reasons for us calling Bitcoin Loophole legit is its use of economic models. In particular, Bitcoin Loophole system uses the Flock principle, which is one of the most well-known and well-researched principles in Economics.

Now, the Flock principles itself conducts a long-term evaluation to identify the major influencers and market forces. So, the Bitcoin Loophole software uses a complex mathematical algorithm for predictive investment decisions and high-profit results. That is why it can deliver such results with a high degree of consistency and reliability.

Our Bitcoin Loophole experience: Key features

  • Payment Methods: Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Bank Wire
  • Customer Support: 24/7 customer support
  • Professional Trading Indicators

The BTC Loophole app has several nice features. One is the demo account. The system allows you to set up a demo account with virtual money, enabling you to familiarise yourself with the software in a practice environment before you invest any real money. Once you're ready to trade, the system will connect you with recommended brokers to help handle your investments. Bitcoin Loophole runs on both your desktop and mobile devices, so you can invest and trade on the go. You're not tied to your computer as with some inferior systems. The BTC Loophole interface allows you to choose from a range of languages. Withdrawals are easy. You simply log in, select the withdrawal option and specify the amount you want to take out of your trading account. The money is then credited to your bank account within two working days.

How does Bitcoin Loophole compare to other robots? 

The BTC Loophole system compares favourably to other robots. It's perhaps a little more advanced than Steve McKay's earlier Bitcoin Code system, although there's not a great deal to choose between them. BTC Loophole is also very similar in principle to another top contender, CryptoSoft; BTC Loophole is perhaps a little easier to use and offers potentially higher earnings. The BTC Loophole mobile app also compares well with similar systems; it's very user-friendly and stable. The minimum investment of $250 compares favourably with other bots' minimums as it's in line with the expected outlay for a system of this type.


Overall, the Bitcoin Loophole system is a positive addition to the world of bitcoin trading. It's easy to use, offering free registration and a dummy account that you can use to find your feet before actually putting down any money. Seasoned traders will also appreciate the system, as it takes much of the legwork out of those time-consuming arbitrage deals. Before you begin trading, it should be reiterated that any form of cryptocurrency or Forex trading can be risky. The crypto market is notoriously volatile and the best bot in the world can't predict all eventualities. For this reason, you should invest with care. Don't go over the $250 minimum on your first day and take things slowly until you really know what you're doing. Bitcoin can go down as well as up; do not invest more money than you can afford to lose.

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Bitcoin Loophole
Key Features
Trade with Quality and Trusted Data only
Trade 24/7 on 5 Star Rated Platform
Fully Automated Trading
Min Deposit
United States
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Key Features
Trade with Quality and Trusted Data only
Trade 24/7 on 5 Star Rated Platform
Fully Automated Trading
Payment Methods
Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Bank Wire
The Bitcoin Loophole System (BTC Loophole) app is one of the more promising Bitcoin bots, developed by Bitcoin investor and trader Steve McKay.

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