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Bitcoin Madrid Test & Review - Scam or Not?

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Bitcoin Madrid is a crypto trading robot that offers an app through which users can access the cryptocurrency markets, trade coins, and become a part of the project’s community. It has a powerful algorithm that takes advantage of historical price data, a low minimum deposit, and an easy to navigate user interface.

The project’s team is constantly working on ways to improve the trading software and make it even faster, more accurate, and more user-friendly. Best of all, it is perfect even for newcomers to the crypto industry who do not yet have experience trading on their own.

What is Bitcoin Madrid?

Bitcoin Madrid is a specialised trading software that is capable of suiting every trader’s needs. It is a comprehensive trading tool that allows you to access the crypto markets in real-time. It operates very quickly, gathering data from the internet, constructing an analysis, and operating within the parameters introduced by the trader. It provides no guarantees, but it has plenty of satisfied users who appreciate the software and its capabilities.

Who’s Behind Bitcoin Madrid?

Bitcoin Madrid was apparently created by a team of highly-skilled, talented experts who came together to develop the app, with their main goal being to build a piece of trading software that would be intuitive and capable of providing a detailed, vital market analysis in real-time. Between them, the team claims to have decades of experience and knowledge regarding online trading and computer technology. 

According to their claims, sharing that knowledge and experience led to the creation of a highly accurate trading software package that is easy to use, as well as extremely fast. Even so, they are willing to recognise the fact that the app carries certain risks, and that its users need to be careful when using it. Even the team admitted that there are many variables involved, and that there is no guarantee that the app will make a lot of money for their trader. However, this is likely only an issue for those traders who do not understand the market enough to properly set up the app and provide parameters that will guide its actions.

In other words, if you do your research and learn what you need to know, the app should be able to do its part of the work just fine.

How to use Bitcoin Madrid

Getting started with Bitcoin Madrid is very simple, and all you need to do is follow a handful of steps. Essentially, you can split the things that you need to do into setting up the robot and doing research in order to optimise it properly and give it proper instructions in order to trade well on your behalf. 

Setting it up is easy, and that will only take a few minutes. The research part, on the other hand, will likely take you some time. Here is what you need to do.

1. Registration

Naturally, in order to use the app, you must first go to its website and register for an account. The registration form is simple, and it only requires a handful of details, including your:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Password (it can be auto-generated by the website)
  • Country
  • Phone number

That’s all it takes, and after providing these few details, you will be ready to proceed to the next step.

2. Making deposits to fund the account

The next step that you need to take is funding your account. Of course, the goal of using trading software is for it to make money, but you still need that initial investment that will grant the bot the funds with which it will start trading. Fortunately, funding your account should also be over with rather quickly, as the robot accepts credit and debit cards.

Sending money via cards is the fastest way of delivering it, although it may come with larger fees. This is not the robot’s fault, however — those fees go to the card providers.

3. Reading any educational resources available

This is the toughest part, as you need to educate yourself on how to use the robot. By that, we don’t mean how to use the actual app, but instead, how to set up the right parameters, how to use risk management tools, what levels to set them up at, and the like. There should be plenty of guides, explanations, educational articles, and more on the internet that can help you out with this, explaining how to do these things, and why to do them in that specific way. 

You should also consider using the robot’s demo account to trade in simulated conditions by using fake money. This will tell you whether or not you have understood the robot properly, and whether or not you are ready to go for live trading. This is where you can afford to make mistakes, as you do not trade with real funds. Once you go live, however, every move has to be dedicated to earning money, for if you are not making it — you are losing it.

4. Beginning to trade for the first time

Once you have created and funded your account, and you figured out what levels to enter and how much money to use per trade, you will be ready to start live trading. Remember that the robot will trade automatically, but it will always remain within the parameters that you entered. So, as the market changes so must your instructions, in order to give the robot the best chance to earn you money.

Even then, it is possible that you will suffer losses. If that happens, it may be the robot’s fault, but it is more likely that your instructions need a bit of tweaking. In any event, losses are a part of crypto trading, and you should face the fact that you will probably see some. But, that doesn’t matter, as long as gains are also there to make up for the funds you lose. Be sure to turn losses into learning experiences.

Key Features of Bitcoin Madrid


When it comes to payouts, the robot’s website did not promise anything, even noting that it is impossible to predict how much one can earn through the app, as everyone’s result will be different, depending on too many factors. The amount you invest, the quality of parameters and instructions that you provide, the market behaviour — all of this and more can impact your earnings with a robot, and the fact that Bitcoin Madrid is not giving any false promises in hopes of attracting naive traders is very encouraging when it comes to its overall integrity.

Verification System

As far as we are aware, the robot does not employ a verification system of any kind, apart from verifying the email that you are asked to provide while creating an account. Other than that, you can deposit funds and start trading as soon as you register.

The Withdrawal Process for Bitcoin Madrid

The withdrawal process for Bitcoin Madrid is quite simple, and it can be performed in the app. The robot doesn’t specify any particular time of day, week, or month when withdrawals are possible, so it can be assumed that users can opt to withdraw money according to their needs.

Costs and Fees

One great thing about this software is that it charges absolutely no fees to its users. This leaves you with 100% of the money that you earn, minus the transaction fees that your card provider requires to complete the transaction. But whether you wish to deposit money, withdraw it, or trade — there are no fees that the platform requires you to pay for its service.

Customer Service

Another good thing about the platform is that it has its own customer service department, which is very important for any service of this kind. Whenever you have a problem, or you can’t figure something out, customer service will be at your disposal. Bitcoin Madrid offers two ways to contact its service — via email and live chat. The service may not respond immediately, as they didn’t when we were testing it for the purpose of writing this guide, but it is likely that they will answer your questions eventually.

Affiliated Brokers

As mentioned, Bitcoin Madrid’s goal is to provide an easy gateway into the crypto market, and for that purpose, it collaborates with a number of registered and regulated online crypto brokers in order to offer the best prices and provide its algorithm with all the necessary data for quick and easy analysis and trading. The robot then conducts trades through its affiliated brokers, giving you access to the markets through proven services.

Is Bitcoin Madrid a scam?

Bitcoin Madrid appears to be a legitimate trading software package that offers a reliable way for people to trade digital currencies. It has an official website that utilises SSL encryption, as well as a number of other security technologies that will ensure the safety of your account, funds, and proper user experience. In other words, it claims to offer a secure trading environment, and we are inclined to believe it, based on everything we have seen thus far.

5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Madrid For Trading

Bitcoin Madrid offers five more reasons to use it, on top of everything we have mentioned so far, such as:

1. Intuitive User Interface

The robot was made to be easy to use for everyone, regardless of whether they are an expert, a casual trader, a motivated novice, or anything else. That means that it offers a very simple user interface, which you will have no problem navigating. But, don’t let the simplicity fool you — the app is still equipped with advanced tools, it’s just that the robot is the one who uses them, instead of you.

2. Boasts Market-Leading Win Rate

Bitcoin Madrid has a rather high win rate, which claims to be above 90%. This means that if you set it right, it should have far more successful trades than failed ones. However, the trick is to give it proper instructions, and to do that, you will still have to do your own homework and learn how to set the parameters adequately.

3. Faster than Manual Trading

A lot of traders may boast about the speed at which they trade and make profits, but when compared to software even the fastest human is moving at a snail’s pace. That’s not their fault — technology is simply much faster than human beings, and it can afford to do multiple processes at once, and make predictions in a matter of minutes, or even seconds, when any person would need hours, or longer, to do the same work.

4. Smart Analytics

Bitcoin Madrid is created with advanced tools — that much we mentioned already, several times. But, what do these tools do? Well, they gather information. They take into account the coin’s historical price performance, many different indicators of what’s to come, data provided by press releases and news, current price performance, and much more. All of that then gets rapidly analyzed and broken down into numbers that can indicate where the price will go next. With that knowledge, the robot decides whether or not to enter a position.

5. Remove Human Error

Humans can be incredibly inventive and motivated to make all kinds of technological, scientific, and other breakthroughs, but at the end of the day, we are our own worst enemies; or rather, our emotions are. There are countless near-success stories where one wrong move made for illogical reasons destroyed all the effort that the individual achieved for days, weeks, months, or even years. One bad call based on an emotional decision, and all of it can crumble to dust. 

This is not an issue that you should expect to find in your Bitcoin Madrid robot. It uses facts and algorithms instead of emotions, and it doesn’t end up in a situation where it makes a rash move just because it believes that it cannot be bested by the market, which is a common mistake among new traders. So, to say that the robot removes the human error actually means that it trades based on signals, rather than the gut feeling that we all believe we have, which has tricked so many of us countless times so far.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Madrid


It doesn’t charge any fees
It is very beginner-friendly, with a simple interface
It has advanced analytics tools
It is fast, safe, and reliable
It has a minimum deposit of $250
It has private customer service
It advertises a high win rate
It has multiple deposit/withdrawal methods


The app might not win every trade, even if you set it up right
It is bound by your instructions, and it cannot adapt to market movements automatically
Setting it up will be difficult for newcomers who don’t understand the market

Bitcoin Madrid: Our Conclusion

In conclusion, we can say that Bitcoin Madrid appears to be a legitimate trading robot with plenty of good features, a simple user interface, and the ability to earn money for its clients. There will always be those who are not satisfied with it, however, either because they experienced losses due to not knowing how to use the app, or if the market was simply too volatile to secure gains. The robot is not perfect, and it is certainly not a miracle worker that can handle an industry as volatile as the crypto sector 100% of the time. But, if you maintain caution, do your research, and don’t risk more money than what you can afford to lose, you should be perfectly fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. That is up to you. The only limitation is the $250 minimum deposit, meaning that you cannot deposit less than that. There is no maximum deposit, so you can fund your account with any amount you like. The best advice for new traders is to not risk too much until they ‘learn the ropes,’ so it is best for them to stick to the minimum deposit at first.

  2. Yes, Bitcoin Madrid doesn’t charge any fees for deposits, withdrawals, winnings, transactions, or anything else.

  3. This is impossible to answer, as everyone’s circumstances are different. It depends on how much money you use, what instructions you give to your robot, the market sentiment, price behaviour, and much more.

  4. In theory, you can use it for only a few minutes, which is how long it takes to check the market and compare its behaviour to the parameters that you set. 10-20 minutes per day should be more than enough. After that, you may even leave the software to trade on its own, unattended, if you feel confident about your parameters.

  5. In theory, Bitcoin Madrid can earn money for you, as well as any other user, but only if you know what you are doing while setting it up.

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