Bitcoin Method 2019 Test & Review

The crypto world is becoming more and more interesting as the days go by. Crypto service providers are also multiplying every day and so is the type of services being offered. Some years past, you could only exchange crypto for another crypto or crypto for fiat currency through the crypto-crypto exchanges or fiat-crypto exchanges respectively. But of late, CFD cryptocurrency trading is rapidly becoming popular among investors and even ordinary people are becoming millionaires by trading CFD cryptocurrencies.

For sure cryptocurrency business/investment offers a lot of opportunities. But investors or traders should also not turn a blind eye to the risks involved. In cryptocurrency trading, one should not forget the risk of losing all the invested money in one go.

In the crypto service sector, there are emerging cryptocurrency robots and they are driving traders crazy with every one longing for a chance to be able to make money while resting. Examples of such robots are bitcoin code and bitcoin method. However, one has to be very careful when choosing a crypto bot/robot to avoid being conned.

What is bitcoin method?

Bitcoin method claims to be an automated trading platform that specializes in bitcoin. In addition to cryptocurrency trading, the platform also offers forex and binary options trading.

The robot was created by a developer called Joe Templeton, who we are told is a cyber-security creep.

Is Bitcoin Method a legit crypto bot? Or is it just another scam?

For any crypto trading robot, it is common for traders to ask themselves whether the robots are genuine or just scams. This question is normally hard to answer and will require quite a lot of research to be able to decisively say that a crypto robot is a scam or it is a legit trading robot.

But when a platform like bitcoin makes such claims as making over $14,000 a day for traders, one just asks himself/herself what we are all doing struggling to make money when such systems exist. Again apart from the advertisement video on their home page, there is nothing extra to proof if the platform really works or not.

It would be advisable to try an alternative of a proven crypto trading bot like bitcoin code, instead.

How does the Bitcoin Method work?

This trading bot uses arbitrage trading strategy. The strategy work in such a way that one security is sold in one financial market and simultaneously bought in another financial market. In theory, this is considered to be risk-free for traders though it is quite easy to simultaneously monitor different markets at the same time and place trade simultaneously, especially if you are trading manually.

The robot claims by using it traders can make a cool $14,000 a day just by sitting there are watching the robot do its work. This is quite unbelievable and it may point to chances of Bitcoin Method being a scam.

Here is how to join the alternative to Bitcoin Method

Due to the scanty information about Bitcoin method, we would advise traders to get themselves account with bitcoin code instead. Bitcoin code is a proven bitcoin trading bot and it has been in use for a while without any fraud cases.

Below are the steps of getting yourself an active bitcoin code account:

STEP 1: Personal details

You will be required to open an account by filling in your name, provide a valid email address and set the password. You will also be required to give the country you are filling from. It is worth noting that there are some countries that are not allowed.

STEP 2: Open a Demo Account

Once you have your own Bitcoin Code account, you should choose to first open a demo account so as to familiarize with the functionality of the application on false funds other than doing it on real cash.

STEP 3: Open and fund a real trading account

After you are satisfied that Bitcoin Code works according to your specification, you can go ahead and choose a broker among the supported brokers and open a broker with them. After that, you will be required to fund your account.

There are a variety of options for depositing funds, with the main method being Credit Cards.

Then activate automated trading to so as to give Bitcoin Code the authority to place trades.


Bitcoin method is quite new in the market and it will take some time for it to be possible to classify it as a scam or a legit trading platform.

However, in the meantime, if you really need to automate your cryptocurrency trading experience, you would better get an account with a trusted trading bot like Bitcoin Code as shown above.

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