Bitcoin Millionaire Test & Review

At the end of 2017, almost every financial market investor had heard of the famous bitcoin cryptocurrency whose single coin was going for almost $20,000. At the time, the cryptocurrencies had boomed so much that every investor was looking for the best investment strategy that could m=earn them enough money in the fastest way possible.

And even today, though cryptocurrencies are in a recession and less promising than they were two years ago, they still hold a lot of potential and investors have discovered new ways of making money from them. Contrary to the past where people only exchanged the cryptocurrencies and exchanged them for fiat currencies to make profits, today investors and traders can trade CFD cryptocurrencies.

Technology has grown so rapidly that traders can now have robots trade for them. You will most likely come across names like Bitcoin Millionaire and Cryptosoft if you are interested in automated crypto trading. However, this has brought in a lot of risks especially the risk of scam crypto bots. And it is very hard to identify the genuine robots from the scams since the market is now flooding with their suppliers.

What is Bitcoin Millionaire?

Bitcoin Millionaire claims to be a cryptocurrency trading robot that automatically enters and closes trades on behalf of a trader.

Is Bitcoin Millionaire legit? Or is it a scam?

The question of being genuine faces every trader looking for a crypto trading bot. Bitcoin Millionaire promises very high profits, which may seem absurd even if it is possible to make extra-large profit margins in cryptocurrencies due to their volatility. But you will have to be very precise and of course very lucky. For instance, if you had invested in bitcoin let’s say in 2008, by the end of 2017, you would have profits in the range of six-figure digits.

However, with all said, it is hard to determine if Bitcoin Millionaire is a serious crypto bot or just a scam. Even logging in into their platform does not work at all making testing extremely impossible. We would recommend that you consider registering with an alternative crypto trading bot like Cryptosoft.

How does Bitcoin Millionaire work?

Apart from the claim that Bitcoin Millionaire makes of making free money for its users, it was quite difficult to test and even get any information on how the robot operates.

We could only assume that just like any other crypto trading robot, the robot places trades automatically and also closes them automatically without the help of a human.

But due to lack of sufficient information on the robot, we would recommend you go by our earlier recommendation of choosing another crypto bot instead.

Want a Bitcoin Millionaire account? Try the alternative!

Since registering a bitcoin millionaire account was impossible we would that you open an alternative account with Cryptosoft, which is a proven crypto bot.

Below are the steps of opening and funding a Cryptosoft bot account on their platform:

STEP 1: Provide personal details

On their official website, you will see a dialog box on the right-hand side where you should enter your name and your email address.

After clicking ‘Get started NOW’, you directed to the next step where you are supposed to fill in your phone number.

After entering your phone number, just hit the ‘Start making $2,200+ a day’ button and wait to be redirected to their trading platform. However, if they do not accept traders from your region, you will not be able to move past this step.

Another thing worth noting is that CryptoSoft has a set number of Traders that can register with them per day and once that limit is exceeded, you will have to wait till next day to register.

STEP 2: open a demo account

If you are allowed access, you should first open a demo account so as to familiarize yourself with the robot and see how it operates so as to make a decision on whether to trust it with your funds or not.

STEP 3: Deposit funds

Once you are satisfied that CryptoSoft is a genuine crypto trading robot, you should go ahead and deposit funds into your real trading account. The only allowed payment methods for deposits and withdrawals are credit cards and bank wire transfers.

The minimum allowed deposit is 250 €.

STEP 4: Activate automated trading

After making the deposit, you should click on the ‘AUTO TRADE’ button at the top to allow the robot to take over trading and make profits for you.


We recommended that you open a cryptosoft trading account instead of Bitcoin Millionaire account since Cryptosoft is much better renown and proved compared to the Bitcoin millionaire app.

You sure don’t want to lose your money to scammers. So, you better take your money where you are sure it will be secure.

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