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Bitcoin Miner Review

We are aware of numerous websites which use false celebrity endorsements to send customers to unregulated brokers or call centers. Our website will only send customers to partners who have provided us with the required regulatory assurances. This is a marketing offer and our regulated partners will indicate what services they have available upon registration.

In the digital world, online trading is one of the most lucrative activities that one can engage in. If you are a trading enthusiast, you may already be aware that crypto bots can offer opportunities for profit. These robots analyse the crypto market, identifying the ideal entry points, generate trade signals, and even place trades at the opportune moment. 


It is also worth noting that not all bots available on the internet are legitimate. Some are just exchange platforms looking to exploit inexperienced customers. It can often be difficult to identify these ‘bad bots’, as most will manufacture false reviews celebrating impressive gains and reliability.  In this guide, we will examine Bitcoin Miner, and attempt to ascertain the legitimacy of the software. 

What is Bitcoin Miner?

If you have been looking into auto-trading applications, it is likely you have come across Bitcoin Miner. Allegedly, it is designed to leverage the technological power of your IoT (Internet of Things) devices to mine cryptos. Marketers claim that this bot will guarantee average returns of around $2,000 a day.

However, none of this seems to be true. In fact, we don’t believe that bitcoin miner is a bot at all.  There seems to be a zero-transparency policy when it comes to the platform’s founder, developers, marketers and affiliate brokers. In short, nobody knows anything about anybody who created or maintains Bitcoin Miner.

Who Is Behind Bitcoin Miner?

It is unclear who the real creator of Bitcoin Miner is.  One individual named ‘Dan Manson’ claimed to be the designer through Facebook, but this profile turned out to be fake.  


Is Bitcoin Miner Legit or A Scam?

Our research presented several pieces of evidence which would indicate that Bitcoin Miner is falsely advertised. For starters, there are a lot of complaints from previous clients. The software makes profits through affiliate marketing, receiving commissions each time a customer buys through clicking one of their links, not through trading crypto. A closer examination of the platform’s design suggests that it operates by directing its customers toward various offshore brokers, most of whom we hadn’t heard of and are quite likely unregulated.

Our Experience with Bitcoin Miner

Based on the evidence gathered, we suspect that Bitcoin Miner is not a genuine auto-trading software and we would strongly advise against using it. Offering little to no transparency, and very little information pertaining to the mechanics of its platform, we tend to believe those reviews circulating the internet that report Bitcoin Miner as a scam.   


A lot of websites advertise themselves as auto-trading bots but are something else entirely.  It is, therefore, imperative for traders to do a little research first in order to engage with a genuine trading system.  You can find a selection of trading robots that we recommend by clicking the following link: https://coinlist.me/robots 

In our experience, if a company is withholding information about who they are and with whom they are affiliated with, there is a good chance that the company is fraudulent.  To employ the services of these platforms would likely be the same as throwing your money into the wind.


The only positive we can really mention is that the registration process was easy.


There is a severe lack of transparency when it comes to the offshore brokers the platform directs you toward.
The software seems to be related to affiliate marketing rather than auto-trading.
We could not discern any verifiable reviews that indicated that this robot performs as advertised.
The platform seems to be aimed at funding the account of an unknown offshore broker.