Bitcoin Money Review

Bitcoin robot providers always advertise their bots as excellent money generating apps. However, the experienced traders can tell you that a genuine crypto bot will not make too much in a day since it emulates the same trading strategies employed by the human trader. The only difference is that a robot is more efficient, it is not affected by emotions and it is quick in executing orders.

Novice traders find themselves confused by the empty promises of most crypto bot of automatically generating thousands of dollars per day just like that. And very many new crypto bots are using such advertisement techniques. If you do your research, you will come across platforms like Bitcoin Money that promises their users easy trading life with lots of money for free.

What is Bitcoin Money?

Bitcoin Money claims to be a crypto robot that helps the trader to automatically generate free money by trading on their behalf. However, we could not prove the existence of this bot since its website was nowhere to be seen on the internet. We hope the website is somewhere hidden deep in the search engines though.

Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 14%
Performance - 7%
Ease of use - 15%
Customer service - 26%
App - 8%
Profitability - 20%
Reputation - 28%
Fast withdrawals - 7%
Security - 19%
User testimonials - 8%
Whos behind

Who is Behind Bitcoin Money?

After careful research, we could not ascertain who is behind the development of this platform. This lack of transparency raises a lot of red flags for us, and in the past, we have found that similar websites claiming to be an auto-trader are in fact, merely redirects to unregulated brokers.

It is for this reason that we recommend extreme caution when dealing with Bitcoin Money.

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