Bitcoin Revival Review

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Bitcoin made a huge impression on investors following its amazing price surge in the year to 2018 Q1.  With a mouth-watering 17,000 percentage year-on-year return as of December 2017; it was only a matter of time before it made global headlines throughout financial publications.

Bitcoin Revival is an automated trading robot that is now available on the cryptocurrency investment space. It is designed to help users make money by exploring the volatility of bitcoin price. Whether the price of bitcoin surges or declines, there is still money to be made.

Bitcoin Revival provides users with a demo account that makes it easy for you to start with an experimental trade without the risk of losing any money. So, how good is Bitcoin Revival? Is it trustworthy? Can it deliver the advertised returns? These questions will be examined in this guide.

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Is Bitcoin Revival Legitimate?

Bitcoin Revival is a crypto trading robot that is making waves online as a result of its marketing claims that 19,381+ of its users are making consistent profits, credible verified reviews and proven statistical record. It can be controversial when you try to prove that a trading bot is genuine or a complete scam. Judging whether Bitcoin Revival is legit or a scam should not be by a wave of hand. Is there any evidence to show that it is not what it claims to be?

Bitcoin Revival Features:

  • Professional trading indicators
  • Superior Technology
  • Robust risk management

On its homepage, there is an introductory video that provides bitcoin news clips from leading broadcast organization like CNBC and Bloomberg. The news reports are clearly genuine and factual. Also, on the bot homepage, there are positive reviews provided by users. These personal testimonials also seem to confer some legitimacy on Bitcoin Revival.

Pros & Cons of Bitcoin Revival


  • Revolutionary MetaTrader 4. This is a proven trading software that incorporates features of artificial intelligence and machine learning, known to optimize accuracy in trading models.
  • Easy to use. New users will find the interface simple to navigate.
  • The user dashboard is simple and not cluttered. To proceed to the demo account is by a simple click. Same applies to using the live trading feature.
  • A helpful FAQ section is available. A FAQs section is included to provide answers to some recurring beginners’ questions.
  • Customer service. Live chat is available on the website to enable users keep in touch with support staff and get the help they need.
  • Automated service. The trading bot is automated and as such, there is no need to expect repetitive actions on the part of the user.
  • Cross functional app. The trading robot can be accessed on mobile and desktop devices.


  • Supports only bitcoin trading.
  • No guarantees that you cannot lose money.

How to Sign-Up with Bitcoin Revival

To use this crypto trading app, you need to follow the laid-out process. To get this done, the following are necessary:

You Need to Register

To register, go to the registration column on the landing page and provide the details requested. Here, you need to provide your name, email address, password, and contact phone number. Do note that you need to use a working email in order to receive your log-in details. Registration is free.

After your registration, you will be contacted by a personal account manager. You will receive all the guidance needed to enable you make your initial deposit and commence trading.

Make a Deposit 

Next up, you will notice that by clicking on the ‘register’ tab, you will be redirected to the broker page. This shows that Bitcoin Revival works with a network of global brokers. If you are in a territory that is not supported, you will be notified immediately. 

To proceed further, you must make a deposit of at least $250. If you can afford to deposit more, you can do so. 

Demo Account Access and Live Trading

With your initial deposit made, you will be able to have access to the features available.

The demo account enables you to get accustomed to the trading environment and here, your demo trades will not lead to any loss of your deposit. After getting used to the trading environment, you can proceed to the live account section and set your trading parameters.

Who Created Bitcoin Revival?

No information is available on the website on the founder of Bitcoin Revival. However, one of the leading brokers on Bitcoin Revival platform is Oinvest. So, when matched with your broker, you will receive a message immediately that welcomes you to the platform. More Cryptocurrency Robots.

Why We Are using Bitcoin Revival

After we opened an account with Bitcoin Revival, we got a welcome email address with the log-in details. The personal account manager followed up next with a phone call and did an introductory explanation on how the bot works.  This team member also described the features of the trading bot and how best to get the desired results.

We observed that by clicking on the ‘client Area’ tab on the welcome page, you will be redirected to the personal user dashboard. Here, you can make your deposit by using the ‘Deposit’ tab at the top corner of your display screen. The ‘Withdraw’ tab is located here as well.

To the left-side corner of the user dashboard, there are icons for user biodata, payments history as well as a shortcut to customer support live chat. 

The center mid-section of the client area dashboard is divided into the Live account and Demo account interface. A new user can click on the ‘create demo account’ link in order to access it.

At a glance, the user can also see account balance, equity, and free margin once the trading account is activated.

 This simple GUI has obviously been designed to help prospective investors use the bot without difficulties.

How Does Bitcoin Revival Behave Compared With Other Robots?

Bitcoin Revival comes with some features that you can find in other robots. However, not all robots provide a demo account. Bitcoin Revival is among the few robots that come with this added feature.

  1. Demo account: A demo account is provided to help the user get a grasp of the bot.
  2. Broker Network: A network of brokers are available after registration.  You will be directed to an available reputable broker nearest your location.
  3. Meta Trader 4 Algorithm: MT4 is the active algorithm used here for the best trading outcomes.
  4. Payment methods: Payment methods accepted include PayPal, Credit and Debits cards, and Wire transfers.

Bitcoin Revival
Key Features
Professional trading indicators
Superior Technology
Robust risk management
Min Deposit
United States
Key Features
Professional trading indicators
Superior Technology
Robust risk management
Payment Methods
Credit Card, Debit Card, Wire Transfer
Bitcoin Revival is an automated trading platform that trades bitcoin for you. It will get you into a trade and close the position, all you need to do is turn it on.

Conclusion: Bitcoin Revival

Bitcoin Revival provides an opportunity for more people to earn from the cryptocurrency revolution with its trading robot, using a sophisticated trading algorithm to boost to efficiency and increase the profits of its users.

As with all trading models, risk cannot be completely avoided, and the best mitigation is to limit your trade to what you can afford to lose.

FAQs: Bitcoin Revival

  1. How much can I trade with?

    As stated on the website, you are advised to start small and progressively increase your trading capital.

  2. Is an app available?

    Yes. Bitcoin Revival meets the expectations of tech-savvy users. You will be able to download either the mobile or desktop platform from Windows, Apple or Android Store.

  3. How do I withdraw my profits?

    You simply fill your withdrawal request, specify your withdrawal method, and in 24 hours, your account is credited.

  4. What is the minimum allowed deposit?

    Every user must deposit at least $250.

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