Bitcoin Revolution 2019 Test & Review

The current cryptocurrency revolution is unstoppable. There is a lot going on in the crypto world despite the cryptocurrencies going through a hard recession time. In addition to more people finding interest in cryptocurrencies, developers are also coming up with software to help automate the trading process.

Traders can now earn their money without being stressed all day analyzing the markets; thanks to auto trading robots like the Bitcoin Revolution.

What is Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin revolution is one of the latest crypto trading bots. It was created by a joint force from some of the best-renowned brokers around the globe.

Just as the name suggests, it has revolutionized automated crypto trading by offering a better auto trading experience.

Is Bitcoin Revolution legit? Or is it a scam?

There is always the fear of losing your money to scammers on the internet especially in connection to cryptocurrencies. Traders/investors are always very cautious about new software which claim to make money free for them.

However, the Bitcoin Revolution is a genuine crypto trading bot that has been tested and verified by very many traders and found to work. It is not a scam.

Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that robot trading does not completely eliminate the risks involved in crypto trading. At times the robot will make some losing trades. The only thing that you have to consider is whether the robot is making more profits than losses or not. If it is making more profits than losses, then that robot is profitable and worth testing.

How does the Bitcoin Revolution work?

Bitcoin revolution offers its application free of charge to interested customers. The creators earn their money on the volume of trades instead.

The robot analyzes the markets and identifies the predominant market trades and then generates trading signals whenever an excellent trading opportunity then goes ahead and places orders immediately a signal is generated.

Once you deposit your funds with the Bitcoin Revolution and choose the setting you want for the robot and activate auto trading, the robot kicks in and do all the trading for you. You can have time to have fun with friend and family and also time for other activities. This is when crypto trading becomes a real secondary income.

How to start earning using the Bitcoin Revolution

To gain access to the Bitcoin Revolution robot platform, you will have to open an account with Bitcoin Revolution. The process is very easy.

STEP 1: Account registration

Here you are supposed to give your personal details, which include your name, your email address and also set your password.

If your country is allowed, you will be gain access to the trading platform where you will be assigned a broker. However, if your country isn’t allowed, you will not be able to go past this stage.

STEP 2: Testing the robot in the demo account

Once you get an account with Bitcoin Revolution, you should not rush to deposit funds with them. Take your time to learn about the platform and also about the functionalities of the robot.

Also, investigate whether the robot is profitable or not.

STEP 3: Deposit funds

Once you are satisfied that the robot meets your standards, you can go ahead and deposit funds with the assigned broker.

The minimum deposit amount is $250.

There are a number of payment methods that you can use to deposit your funds through credit cards work best.

STEP 4: Activate auto trading

The account is normally set to be manually traded by default. Therefore, you will have to activate auto trading so as to give the robot the authority to carry out the trades.


Bitcoin revolution is a proven crypto trading bot with an average return rate of 85%.

Also, you have complete control of your funds and you can withdraw any amount at any time you feel like. The withdrawal process normally takes about 24 hours.

We have tested Bitcoin Revolution and proved that it is extremely profitable in trading cryptocurrencies. In 2019 alone, the crypto bot has made over $2.3 Billion profit for users. If you go at the bottom of their official website, you will get a live update of every trade that is executed by the crypto bot (you can see the trader, amount of profit made and the crypto-currency pair traded).

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