Top Bitcoin Robots for 2018… Revealed

The land of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies is the new Wild West. If you’re new to this space, you’re constantly inundated with new coins, new business models, new services, and new scams. It’s tough to differentiate between the good and the bad. This is particularly true with artificial trading algorithms the new BTC robot. Are they scams? Do they really work? Don’t worry; we’ll tell all in this Bitcoin Robot review.

What is a Trading Robot Anyway?

If you’re unfamiliar with the idea of automatic Bitcoin robot trading, you’re not alone. This novel technology is based on a fairly new understanding of computer science and financial market trends. Because financial markets have been around for centuries, and because detailed trading data has been available online for decades, researchers have discovered interesting patterns that repeat themselves in all global marketplaces.

Bitcoin Robot

This includes the crypto industry. Automatic Bitcoin trading robots aren’t really robots in the sci-fi sense. Instead, they are complex software tools that are linked to various Bitcoin markets. They have access to up-to-the-millisecond trading information from around the globe. When the software notices that a certain pattern is in motion, they make trades to capitalize on the events that are likely to follow.

Bitcoin robots can’t predict the future. No matter how much we know about the past, there is an exception to every rule. There are certain trends which do occur over and over, however. Bitcoin robots are always watching, even while human traders are asleep, so they can always pounce on market opportunities, achieving incredible returns for the users who have access to them.

What Results Can You Expect From a Bitcoin Robot?

If you’re in the crypto sphere, you probably want to make a lot of money as fast as possible. While certain crypto assets have achieved 1000%+ returns in 2017, getting rich fast is very much the exception to the rule.

Therefore, when trying a new product like BTC robot, it’s important to have realistic expectations. A Bitcoin trading robot won’t get you filthy rich overnight, but they can provide steady returns in many market conditions. You never know what political event, national emergency, or market scare will throw these conditions off, but as another tool in your trading belt, a Bitcoin robot may be of real value to you.

Why Use a Bitcoin Robot Trader?

Automatic trading software is used by many different kinds of investors. Let’s say you are just beginning to learn how to trade crypto. In this case, it can be helpful to watch good historical trading strategies play out on your desktop, while earning some extra money in the process.

Experienced traders may want to adjust the settings of their software to perform certain trading strategies, even while the user is sleeping. No trader of any skill level can be awake 24 hours per day, so a BTC robot can act like a friend who does an important job for you while you’re doing something else.

Bitcoin Robot Example #1: Bitcoin Code

There is no single Bitcoin robot. Instead, these innovative software tools are produced by a variety of independent developers. Many are linked to single exchanges. One of the most noteworthy examples is Bitcoin Code.

Developed by former Wall Street software developer Steve McKay, Bitcoin Code offers the user both automated and manual trading tools, with access to assets in the Bitcoin world and beyond. The automated software uses calculated risks to grow a user’s money in predictive trading. With a reported 99.4% success rate, there is tons of opportunity to grow your money with Bitcoin Code.

New users need only make a $250 minimum deposit and the returns can start rolling in. Larger deposits are allowed with (potential) larger reward. Bitcoin Code is still fairly young, but the early results are good. Some users report income as high as $500 per hour in peak trading hours, or more than $13,000 per day! This, of course, depends on the amount of money risked.

There has been much said about Bitcoin Code on the web. Some people still ask, “Is Bitcoin Code a Scam?” We can only report that the software works for trading, as indicated by Bitcoin Code, and that the user base seems to uniformly report excellent results. Only time will tell, but we think this may be an excellent example of a reliable Bitcoin robot at work, which is accessible to the average investor.

Visit Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin Robot Example #2: Crypto Robot 365

While Bitcoin Code puts a variety of assets at the user’s fingertips, Crypto Robot 365 is a great choice if a user wants to have automatic trading for crypto assets alone. Crypto Robot 365 focuses on 4 cryptos only: Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum. All of these will be familiar to any crypto user with more than a day’s experience. But if they’re new to you, welcome aboard!

Crypto Robot 365 makes trades that take advantage of frequent market value fluctuations: a constant string of events in crypto trading. As with Bitcoin Code, the new user will put a deposit of at least $250 into Crypto Robot 365. The CR365 team actually recommends depositing $1,000 in order to make their advertised $400 in a single day.

The cool thing about Crypto Robot 365 is that it’s not one-size-fits-all. When you start your account, you’ll get in touch with one of CR365’s staff experts who will tailor the functions of your automated trading account to your unique needs and specifications.

Visit Crypto Robot 365

Bitcoin Robot Example #3: BinBotPro

The third robot that offers excellent returns is BinBotPro. Having won several awards for the quality of the algorithm, this is one to certainly consider.


Once you have decided to sign up, you will need to deposit into a brokerage account. The robot uses binary options as its method of profiting from market fluctuations, meaning that you need to fund a brokerage account. When you sign up you can fund the account in 4 currencies:

  • USD
  • EUR
  • BTC
  • LTC

BinBotPro BTC

Like other robots you have the option of which robot you want to use, there are a variety that you can analyse and decide which you think suits you and your lifestyle. You can see their past performance and make the call yourself.


Are Bitcoin Robots a Scam?

As happens so often in the cryptospace, we have to ask ourselves again, “Is this a scam?”. It’s true that there are many nefarious agents in the world of Bitcoin, but this is only because there is so much money available everywhere you look! If you’re worried about Bitcoin robot scams, you’re being smart. Fortunately, the Bitcoin robots we’re aware of seem to pass the scam test with flying colors. Here are some ways to catch scams before they catch you.

  • Beware of Robots That Aren’t Attached to a Trading Site. It may seem elementary, but it’s important to state because not all traders think of this. In order for a Bitcoin robot to make real trades, they need real APIs and connections with real trading sites. Casual scammers will frequently throw together official-looking platforms that promise big results, but unless the Bitcoin robot demonstrates that it has a relationship with a real trading platform, you’re likely going to be scammed for your deposit.
  • Always Research Before You Download. While there are some legitimate exceptions, most Bitcoin trading platforms don’t require you to download the platform. Those that do will have demonstrable relationships with established trading groups. Research the software you are downloading to make sure it’s not just a way for strangers to steal your deposit.
  • Know Where to Look For Good Information. Believe it or not, there are Bitcoin information sources out there that only exist to put out bad information, to trick people into giving up their fiat and cryptocurrency. is a trusted place for real people to talk about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, Bitcoin robots and more. You’ll be able to ask questions and get detailed responses from people with tons of experience, who are more than willing to let you know what’s what. Spending time on forums before beginning to trade in earnest is a great decision for any new trader.

Quick Steps to Trading Bitcoin with Bots

  1. Choose which bitcoin robot you want to use; Centro Bot, CryptoRobot365, Bitcoin Code, BinBot Pro
  2. Sign up to the robot and decide which broker to deposit with.
  3. Choose your payment method – Credit Card / Paypal / Bank Transfer
  4. Deposit funds
  5. Choose from TOP robots and starting trading Bitcoin. Watch your account grow.

Cryptorobot365 auto trade


Final Thoughts on Bitcoin Trading Robots

For investors new and old, an automatic trading robot can seem like an impossible future. However, in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation, we’re constantly surprised by the impossible being made possible.

If you’re aware of the technologies than underlie cryptoassets like Bitcoin, you know that these are powerful computer science wonders which change the way we can use computers and digital technology. What’s more, automation is changing the face of society at large. It was only a matter of time before it hit the world of investment, and it only makes sense that crypto industry would be one of the first places it would be seen in a big way.

Bitcoin trading robots are still in their infancy, but even early examples like Crypto Trader 365 and Bitcoin Code prove that you don’t have to be an investment genius to make reliable returns in crypto.

Just remember what we’ve talked about here today. Try out the crypto robots we’ve discussed and learn about others from reputable forums and media outlets. Research any new robot before you download it or trust it with your money. Start small by making a minimum deposit to see if the robot gives you the results that you are hoping for.

Once you’ve checked off all of these boxes, you should be able to make great gains with automated trading, even when you’re asleep. This is the Bitcoin revolution, and you don’t have to be an experienced trader to cash in! Experience helps, but so does automation, and it’s finally here with Bitcoin robots. Other Crypto Trading Robots to consider these reviews:

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Top Bitcoin Robots for 2018... Revealed
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