Bitcoin Rush Review

As the original cryptocurrency token, Bitcoin holds a lofty status and many people wish to begin investing with it, but often feel unsure of where to start. Bitcoin rush could help.  Used as a mechanism to provide further opportunities for people who lack the necessary knowledge or confidence to begin investing within the cryptocurrency industry.

Bitcoin Rush has purportedly guaranteed that there will be a minimum of $1,500 in profit every day for each of their users. Bitcoin Rush has been in operation since 2013 and is among the most popular trading bots.

What is Bitcoin Rush?

Bitcoin Rush is an automated software that leverages signals, using advanced mathematical algorithms to make trading decisions.  These algorithms are capable of considering millions of factors in seconds to provide trading insights that a human could not possibly achieve.

In addition, it was deemed important to test if the Bitcoin Rush app could have a high rate of reliability, rather than extreme fluctuations leading to variable performance and potentially massive losses. The results of the tests reveal that Bitcoin Rush offered an incredible 99% level of accuracy. Of course, the amount of earnings will always depend on the amount invested. 

Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 89%
Performance - 91%
Ease of use - 90%
Customer service - 85%
App - 98%
Profitability - 85%
Reputation - 95%
Fast withdrawals - 91%
Security - 95%
User testimonials - 96%
Whos behind

Who Is Behind Bitcoin Rush?

At present there are no details as to who crafted the platform, although a list of the reputable, regulated brokers they are affiliated with is made readily available on the website. 

However, this is not unusual with this kind of software, and a most attractive quality that contributes to Bitcoin Rush’s overall credibility is transparency.

Bitcoin Rush is in the minority of robot-trading applications, in that it discloses all associated fees and partner brokers. 


Start Trading in 3 easy steps


The first step to begin using Bitcoin Rush would be to register on the platform, which requires only your name, email address and mobile number.


Once you have registered you will then be able to make a deposit on the platform, there are a variety of deposit methods available to you.


Once you are familiar enough with the application, you can then begin to engage in live trading.

What People are Saying About Bitcoin Rush

Photo of Toby Collins

I’m chuckling as I write this people. There is no rush!! This auto-trader works, so I take my time these days. Honestly, I spend no more than an hour a day to monitor my accounts and maybe tweak a couple of settings, that’s it! Fantastic customer service, quick withdrawals. 10 / 10

- Toby Collins

Pros & Cons


The software has a very high precision: the possibility of earning considerable amounts with cryptocurrency trading is almost guaranteed.
The platform is simple to use even for beginners and completely free. The broker, however, monetizes applying fees on profits.
Possibility to open a demo account and to test the potential of the system without risk.


To start you need to deposit at least $ 250, a rather important figure for those who trade for the first time. The broker, however, is regulated and therefore reliable.
The site is not very transparent regarding the names of the founders. Difficult to find out who is the founder and owner of the site.

Is Bitcoin Rush Legit?

Bitcoin Rush is legitimate, thanks to the many independent reviews of Bitcoin Rush, it certainly seems to be legitimate. These reviews were conducted from the analysis of a sample of user’s ratings and personal reviews of the application, with many individuals showing that they had experienced a high earning potential.

As mentioned, the company also offers a high level of transparency concerning the regulated brokers who are affiliated with the product.  All of this and more adds substance to the authenticity of Bitcoin Rush.

Our Experience with Bitcoin Rush?

We feel that there is great potential for making money through this platform.  The transparency concerning the brokers combined with the high number of verified reviews assured us that we were dealing with a well-developed piece of software.  We also felt that the small fees could be considered a positive as well; In that the platform is incentivised for you to earn profit. They make money if you make money. 

Conclusion: Bitcoin Rush

Bitcoin Rush is a great robot trader that will serve as a gateway to many into the world of cryptocurrency. Yet, while the platform is very user-friendly, highly secure and has an incredible success rate, no automated system is fail-safe, and trading in cryptocurrency will always come with a certain level of risk.

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