Bitcoin Secret 2019 Test & Review

When searching for a crypto bot to invest with, you will surely come across all sort of platforms; both genuine and fraud platforms. And it requires a lot of diligence to choose the right crypto bot. otherwise, you may end up investing in a scam and before long you lose all your financial investment.

There are very many crypto bot service providers, with Bitcoin Secret being one of them, out there and you will need to do a thorough review when it comes to choosing one. Every crypto bot service provider should have an active website and platform. And in addition, there should be sufficient information about the platform on their official website. It should be easy to get to understand how the bot operates from its official website without having to look for information elsewhere.

However, you cannot depend solely on the information found on the official website of a crypto bot since much of the information there is normally advertisement to catch the attention of traders like you. You should look at other reviews about the platform on the internet. Get to hear what your fellow traders have to say about the platform.

Also, compare as many crypto bots as possible so as to get the best out of them.

What is Bitcoin Secret?

Bitcoin Secret claims to be a crypto bot. there is not much information about it online and it is therefore impossible to prove whether their claim is true or false.

When choosing a crypto bot, it is paramount that you easily locate its official website. If the website is hard to find like in the case of Bitcoin secret, then you would better look for an alternative.

Is Bitcoin Secret legit? Or is it a scam?

This is a question that lingers in the mind of every cryptocurrency trader looking for a crypto bot especially due to the increased number of bot providers. It has actually become almost impossible to identify a legit crypto bot.

The process of analyzing crypto bots can at times be hard and time-consuming especially if there is very scanty information about them online like in the case of the Bitcoin Secret. And for sure you don’t want to invest your funds with a bot that you don’t know at all.

There should be at least some information on their official website showing how the bot operates and also revealing some information about their headquarters and founders. You should also look for reviews from other traders who have used the same bot before so as to get an understanding of what to expect if you at all deposit funds with them. Another crucial thing is the chance to carry out a test with the bot before depositing any funds with them.

So, any information about how Bitcoin Secret works?

It was completely impossible to gather information on how the bitcoin secret operates. There is no such information online or even on their official website.

But if you are seriously looking for a crypto bot to invest in, you should consider looking for an alternative that is tested and proved to be genuine.

Want a Bitcoin Secret account? Consider an alternative!

It is hard to classify Bitcoin Secret as a genuine crypto trading bot due to lack of information about the bot. we therefore strongly advise looking for an alternative crypto bot like the Cryptosoft bot, which has been tested and proved to be legit.

Below is a step by step guide on how to access the Cryptosoft trading platform:

STEP 1: Provide personal details

On their official website, you will see a dialog box on the right-hand side where you should enter your name and your email address.

After clicking ‘Get started NOW’, you directed to the next step where you are supposed to fill in your phone number.

After entering your phone number, just hit the ‘Start making $2,200+ a day’ button and wait to be redirected to their trading platform. However, if they do not accept traders from your region, you will not be able to move past this step.

Another thing worth noting is that CryptoSoft has a set number of Traders that can register with them per day and once that limit is exceeded, you will have to wait till next day to register.

STEP 2: open a demo account

If you are allowed access, you should first open a demo account so as to familiarize yourself with the robot and see how it operates so as to make a decision on whether to trust it with your funds or not.

STEP 3: Deposit funds

Once you are satisfied that CryptoSoft is a genuine crypto trading robot, you should go ahead and deposit funds into your real trading account. The only allowed payment methods for deposits and withdrawals are credit cards and bank wire transfers.

The minimum allowed deposit is 250 €.

STEP 4: Activate automated trading

After making the deposit, you should click on the ‘AUTO TRADE’ button at the top to allow the robot to take over trading and make profits for you.


When looking for a crypto bot, take your time to research. Also, compare different bots to find out which one is best and genuine.

It is always advisable to avoid investing with crypto bots that do not have an active website or platform like the Bitcoin Secret bot. Instead, you should look for crypto bots that have been tested and proved to be genuine.

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