Crypto Advantage 2019 Test & Review

The thought of making money freely without struggling much in the cryptocurrency field has thrilled most crypto traders to the point that almost every trader is now looking for a crypto trading bot. However, due diligence should be taken to avoid falling into the hands of scammers.

If you Google crypto bots, you will surely come across very many crypto bots and most likely you will come across the name Crypto Advantage.

What is Crypto Advantage?

Crypto Advantage claims to be a cryptocurrency trading software that automatically trades on behalf of traders. It has a new landing page where it is giving away a free eBook titled “The Ultimate Guide to Crypto Currency’.

But apart from this eBook, it is hard to say if this trading bot is genuine or not. In this review, we shall look deeper into it and give a final verdict.

Is Crypto Advantage a legit bot? Or is it just a scam?

The question of a crypto bot being legit os a scam will always ring in the minds of traders looking to invest in automated cryptocurrency trading. However, this is not always a simple question to answer. It will require a lot of information gathering, analysis and even testing of the actual crypto bot to find out if it is genuine or not.

On that note, we have undertaken to find out if Crypto Advantage was a scam or not. And unfortunately, this bot most likely seems to be a scam given the fact that you can hardly even get their official website. We hope that the website is somewhere hidden on the internet rather than it being closed probably with some traders’ investments. We would strongly advise looking for an alternative crypto bot if you want to do automated cryptocurrency trading.

How does Crypto Advantage work?

Crypto Advantage bot claims to give traders the advantage they require to make profits in cryptocurrency trading. It promises profits of up to $100 per hour, which is quite farfetched.

Contrary to most other crypto bots which are found in the form of web platforms, Crypto Advantage comes as a downloadable software which you will have to download and install in your PC and Android mobile devices. However, their android application doesn’t appear to be listed in the App store.

Its application platform works as a binary options trading platform. It uses call/put functions. If you open the application you may find that an asset like Bitcoin has a 70% call recommendation and a 30% put recommendation. And these recommendations are said to be based on the average opinion of all traders. We found this to be an absurd way of generating signals and we cannot recommend opening an account with this crypto bot.

Want a Crypto Advantage account? Try an alternative!

Since we could not okay Crypto advantage as a legit crypto trading bot, we recommend signing up with Bitcoin Loophole as an alternative. The Bitcoin Loophole is a tested crypto bot and it has been found to be genuine and profitable.

Below is a step by step guide on how to get yourself a bitcoin Loophole account and start auto trading:

STEP 1: Sing up with Bitcoin Loophole App platform

All you need to do is visit their official website and complete the sign-up process.

On the right side of their official website, you will see this dialog box where you are supposed to fill in your name and email address and then click on immediate access. You will be redirected to another dialog box where you should fill in your phone number and click gain access.

If the app has listed brokers that allow trading in your region, then you are allowed access and you get an account with them. And if not, it tells you there are no brokers for your region and denies you access.

STEP 2: Deposit

Before going any further with the app, you are required to deposit a minimum of $100 with a broker of your choice from the list provided by on the app’s platform.

There are a number of payment methods that are allowed, which include Western Union, credit cards, Paypal, WebMoney, Maestro, and Skrill among others.

STEP 3: Demo account

It is always important to test a trading robot before entrusting it with your real money. Once you make a deposit, you can access a demo account on the platform where you can familiarise yourself with the functionalities of the bot.

The only disadvantage here is that you have to deposit funds first before gaining access to the demo account. So, by the time you are using the demo, you have already decided to use the robot and there are chances of backing off in case its performance on the demo don’t interest you.

STEP 4: Real account trading

Once convinced that you can use the robot on a real account, activate the automated trading for the bot to start making trades automatically without your help.


Sometimes the names of crypto trading robots could confuse investors/traders and especially the novice traders. For instance, by Crypto Advantage having the name ‘advantage’, it could make traders think that this crypto bot is more advantageous than others. But upon further research into the bot, you will find out the truth.

That is why it is always paramount to dig deeper into a crypto bot before making a decision to invest your funds in it. Upon doing some research on Crypto Advantage, it did not meet all the requirements for being a legit trading bot. there were very high chances it could be a scam and that is why we recommend signing up with Bitcoin Loophole for those thinking of getting a crypto Advantage account.

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