Crypto Matic 2020 Test & Review

Automated trading is an interesting proposition as it allows individuals to have more free time away their workstations. However, traders should always be on high alert since scammers have realized that traders enjoy the freedom of investing without getting overwhelmed with the specifics and they have filled the internet with all sort of fake crypto bots.

That said, it requires due diligence to distinguish between a genuine crypto bot from a fraud. As a trader, it is always important to go through as many reviews as possible so as to get enough information about a crypto bot before making the decision to invest in it. That is the reason we have done in-depth research about Crypto Matic app and compiled this review.

What is Crypto Matic?

Crypto Matic app is a software that claims to generate 1 bitcoin per week for traders. It also claims that it was invented by a developer by the name David Fox.

1 Bitcoin is quite a huge profit given the fact that according to the current rate, 1 Bitcoin = $3970.02. and finding such a crypto bot is next to impossible. The Crypto Matic app should however not be confused with Cryptomathic, which is a blockchain based payment system and it is not in any way related to the Crypto Matic app.

Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 16%
Performance - 14%
Ease of use - 27%
Customer service - 9%
App - 12%
Profitability - 16%
Reputation - 25%
Fast withdrawals - 30%
Security - 22%
User testimonials - 25%
Whos behind

Who is Behind Crypto Matic?

After a thorough online search, we were not even able to get a webaddress that would allow access to the website in February 2020. So it has been impossible to find out who the creators of Crypto Matic.

Is Crypto Matic a legit crypto bot? Or is it a scam?

This question always lingers in the mind of traders when it comes to choosing a crypto bot. And the trader should always ensure that he/she has done all it takes to find its answer though at times it is difficult.

Looking at the Crypto Matic app, there are a number of things that suggest that the platform could be a scam. One of them is the fact that there is no information about how the bot works or how the trading process is carried out. There is also no information on the kind of algorithm or trading strategy it employs.

Worse still, the testimonials found on the official website seem to be fake. None of them clearly mentions how he/she has benefitted from using Crypto Matic. For genuine software, there is even the audacity to show screenshots of the actual figures so as to make probable users feel it is true. But there is none of that in Crypto Matic testimonials.

And to nail it all, crypto Matic is not a trading robot but rather a mining pool. It could not be recommended as a crypto bot.

We would recommend going for a verified crypto bot instead of investing in Crypto Matic.

How does Crypto Matic work?

To access the actual trading platform, you need to register by providing your name and address.

Then, immediately you get an account, you will be required to make an initial deposit of not less than 250 Euros which contradicts their initial claim that this software is absolutely free. After making the deposit, the app is supposed to automatically take over trading.

There’s however no explanation on how the app really works. So, traders are to blindly invest with it and hope for the best.

Want a Crypto Matic account? Try an alternative!

Instead of investing your funds with Crypto Matic, which is not a verified crypto bot, it would be wise to invest in a genuine verified crypto bot like CryptoSoft.

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