Crypto Hopper Pro Review

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Bitcoin investments are growing fast. With a market cap of almost 186 billion dollars at the time of writing, Bitcoin looks an attractive asset to be included in your investment portfolio. In terms of profitability, the volatility of BTC market price provides a potential for impressive earnings.

However, since the performance of cryptocurrencies is affected by market price volatility, keeping a tab on the erratic movements can be an uphill task. This was the incentive behind the development of Crypto Hopper Pro. So, what exactly can you do with this bot? Does it work as promised? The answers to these questions are provided in this guide.

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What is Crypto Hopper Pro?

The idea behind Crypto Hopper Pro is to automate the processes involved in the access and review of market data.  Logically, the ability to make intelligent investment decisions improves with a wealth of dependable data at hand. 

BY using this software, an investor can avoid the tedious repetitive tasks associated with keeping abreast of market charts. The difficulty in reviewing market variables and flagging headwinds is taken care of by the robot.

On the Crypto Hopper Pro homepage, testimonials of other bot users abound, claiming to earn as much as $1,300 profit on their daily trades. With an easy sign-up process, anyone can become a member of the community in a matter of minutes.

Pros and Cons of Crypto Hopper Pro


  • Auto Trade and Manual Trade support The user can decide to use the auto trade feature or switch on the manual trade button to take charge of the daily trades
  • Live Chat Support for live chats is provided and the user can contact customer service directly from the trading room
  • Multiple Payment Methods The user can make payments with an array of bank cards and support is available for VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, Discover and AMEX. You can also use Bitcoin to fund your account.
  • High-Speed Performance The user can take advantage of the superior bot performance record that surpasses the market by 0.01 seconds in accuracy.
  • Demo Account The user can access a practice account in order to get accustomed to the software.


  • Limited Deposit Methods Deposit methods such as PayPal and Skrill are not supported.

How to Sign Up with Crypto Hopper Pro?

To begin using this auto-trading software, complete the 3-simple steps as follows:

Fill in your registration details

The first step is to provide your personal details in the columns provided on the registration form. Your full name, phone number, and email address is all that is required. You must also select a password in order to access your account.

You will be asked to confirm your account by checking your inbox for the confirmation link. Click on the link, and your user account will become active.

Fund Your Account

After verifying your account, you will be able to access the trading room of the bot. You must pay the required minimum deposit of $250 for your account to go live. You can use a credit card to do this, and bitcoin deposits are also allowed.

Start Trading

Now, you can start trading. You will need to set your trading limits, the frequency of your withdrawals and your trading preferences. You can decide to use the manual setting for your trades if you so choose.

Is Crypto Hopper Pro Legitimate?

To answer this question, it is important to consider the robot homepage. The testimonials available there, confers some legitimacy.

These verifiable user reviews attest to lucrative profits earned through this daily passive income.

Who Created Crypto Hopper Pro?

The creator of the bot is not named on its website. However, information available shows that the platform has a client base throughout several countries around the world.  

Depending on where you live, you will be able to access a reputable broker on the network. 

Why We Are Using Crypto Hopper Pro?

After completing the registration process, a customer service agent was on hand to guide us through the account funding process. Over the phone, we were informed exactly how the bot works, and how to make the best use of the manual and auto trading functions. 

The bot trading room is easy to navigate, and the user can easily view the trading history and open trades. A beginner will surely find the ease of navigation beneficial.

How Does Crypto Hopper Pro Behave Compared with Other Robots? 

Using Crypto Hopper Pro comes with some upsides that might tally with features seen in some other bots. Let us look at these a little more closely:

Trade Stop Loss Button: The user can use the Trade Stop Loss button to preset the threshold necessary to preserve gains made or the trading equity

Alternate Trading Pairs: ETH, XRP, BTC and USD are available for pairing as base currencies. 8 combinations in trading pairs are supported at the time of writing.

Live Display of Best Trading Positions: On the user dashboard, there is a live display of signals showing the best positions for optimal profit round the clock. 

Ease of Withdrawals: Profit taking is unlimited and the user can do this daily by completing the withdrawal request form.

Conclusion: Crypto Hopper Pro?

Crypto Hopper Pro provides a very well-developed platform for users to earn profits in a volatile cryptocurrency marketplace. With its automated functionalities and advanced algorithms, users can expect to access a technology that surpasses the accuracy of other bots. The software has award winning features that are proven to make a difference, and crypto investors will find it useful in order to curtail losses and potentially raise their profits.

“To get started with Cryto Hopper Pro now simply click the link below and start trading!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the processing time for withdrawals?

    All withdrawal requests are processed within 48 hours.

  2. Are there hidden fees?

    No hidden fees are embedded. You own all profits that you make.

  3. What results can I expect?

    You can make as much as $1300 each day depending on your trading capital

  4. How much do I need to start investing?

    $250 is the minimum amount needed to start trading.

  5. Is customer support available?

    Yes. A robust customer support is available with additional Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter interface. You can use the bot support directly from your account dashboard.

  6. Is there a free account?

    Yes. But you can only use it for 7 days after which you must use a paid subscription beginning at $19.

  7. Can I access the knowledge base?

    Yes. The knowledge base has hundreds of articles and blogs you can access for free.

  8. Is there a minimum deposit?

    Yes. You cannot deposit less than $50 to start trading. However, we recommend a minimum of $400 in order to boost your profitability.