Dubai Lifestyle Test and Review

Cryptocurrency trading is one of the fastest-growing investment vehicles, and many people wish to have a piece of this cake. However, many of these interested traders have neither the skills to guarantee profitability, nor the time to learn how to trade with cryptocurrency. Besides it is not possible for them to keep up with the 24/7 market cycle. The only sure solution is a trading robot, which is both bad and good news.

The good news is that trading robots have been around for decades. Consequently, there are many bots for trading in cryptocurrency. The downside is that for every legit robot, there are three or more fake ones. Here is where our reviews come in. We research on trading robots to determine their legitimacy. 

Dubai Lifestyle is one of the cryptocurrency trading robots that is currently gaining popularity in the auto trading industry. Our preliminary research showed that it is a robot starting to make a name for itself. But is it worth investing your hard-earned cash into it?

What is Dubai Lifestyle?

This robot helps traders make accurate decisions when trading on cryptocurrencies through cryptocurrency brokers. You can let it do the trading, or you can use its sophisticated algorithm to create your trading strategy. According to the website, the robot is available free to the first few users. There is, however, no hint of how much it will cost when the promotion is over. The promotion has been ongoing since 2016.

According to its website, the robot is the product of Scott Hathaway, but there is no way of verifying this.

How Does it Work?

The application runs primarily on a mobile app, which means one more app on your phone. It links the trader to one of its associated brokers since it has no exchange platform of its own. The robot then does trading on behalf of the trader on the different cryptocurrency.

Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 96%
Performance - 90%
Ease of use - 92%
Customer service - 94%
App - 87%
Profitability - 91%
Reputation - 96%
Fast withdrawals - 89%
Security - 90%
User testimonials - 97%
Whos behind

Who is Behind Dubai Lifestyle?

The application is allegedly the brainchild and the property of Scott Hathaway. We have no way of confirming whether he is a fake face since our image searches online returned nothing. The website makes no mention of the team coding and maintaining the robot.

While this is worth worrying about, it does not scream scam. Several reputable trading robots keep the details of their founders a mystery. The only concern is whether the robot delivers on its promise, and this specific one has.

Start Trading in 3 easy steps


Visit the official website and download the mobile app. Create your account on the app and use your email to verify your identity.


Once your account is ready, deposit $250 as your trading capital. You can apply for a chargeback in case you change your mind.

Start Trading

Now that you are all set and have deposited, you are no ready to begin your trading adventures.

What people are saying about Dubai Lifestyle

Photo of Phillipp Schmadel

The best trading robot out there, and I’ll tell you why! Dubai Lifestyle offers a money back guarantee. How many others have you found online that do that?! I certainly haven’t discovered any. Fact is, I didn’t need to call on this offer, although it was nice to have a safety net in place. I earn consistently with this program and am using that money to finance my own business venture in interior design. Whoop whoop!

- Phillipp Schmadel

Pros & Cons


The software is 99.8% accurate and precise. The earning potential is really high and the participation required from the human trader is only about an hour per day
The trading robot is free of charge, although the broker you have to open the account with asks for a minimum deposit and charges commissions on profits
To use Dubai Lifestyle neither special experience nor software installation is required


A minimum deposit of $250 is required to get started. Other brokers, regulated and reliable, ask for less

Is Dubai Lifestyle a Scam?

We advise everyone to treat all robots with the utmost suspicion until there is evidence to show its trading success. A quick look at the main website reveals a few issues that other critics have pointed out. First, it claims that the robot can help a trader make up to $7000 each day by interacting with the site for only 20 minutes every day. The other thing that raises a red flag is its unending promotion for beta testers.

However, does this make it a fraud? We shall handle each claim objectively before concluding.

First is the claim of a $7000 profit per day. It sounds illogical given that most people will operate with the minimum deposit amount of $250 and that would mean a 2800% profit. However, the developers quantify their claim by pointing out that the only way to achieve this by trading with at least $1000 per day. It reduces the profit to 700%. Besides, this is the highest the robot can deliver, not the minimum or the average daily gains.

A 700% profit might not be achievable with the status of the crypto market lately, but it was a reality when the robot came to the market, in 2016 through to the end of 2017. The price of some cryptocurrency rose by almost 10,000%, before diving back to reality. It was easy to win on cryptocurrency during those months.

The next question is how could this be possible with only 20 minutes of effort? The answer is simple; you are using a robot. With the proper skills, you can create a profitable strategy in less than 20 minutes and wait for when it hits gold. It is unfortunate that most reviewers overlook this possibility.

The above explanation proves that nothing the robot promises is outrageous, and the app is not a high yield, investment program scam. The failure of this application is the fact that the owner(s) appear to have forgotten to remove its promotional tagline. It would be good if Hathaway and his team of web developers spent a few hours updating their landing pages. It seems the last they did that was in 2016.

Dubai Lifestyle Key Features

  • Free of charge: You do not pay anything to start using the bot. You only pay a small commission when you realise a profit or when withdrawing funds.
  • Money back: Very few trading robots have this option. It is a better way of making up for not having a demo account. Above all, it shows the team’s certainty about its product.
  • Customer support: The customer support team is available round the clock through live chats, emails, and the phone.
  • Subscription-only newsletters: The exclusive newsletters provide insights into the different aspects of the trading industry. Such information is helpful to all level of traders.

How Does it Compare with Other Robots?

First, it has a mobile app, which puts it above other legit trading bots that are stuck with the conservative web-based platform. Secondly, the money back option is an excellent feature, especially in a market full of scams. In spite of these merits, a demo account would make the robot more authentic.



Our verdict is that this robot is not a scam. Its promises are reasonable, though outdated, and has earned its reputation as a reliable trading robot. The ability to get your investment back shows that the owners of the app believe in their products. We found negative reviews by users who did not like the robot, asked for their money and got it back.

Now that you have a balanced understanding of the robot, you can profitably use it without feeling short-changed. Unlike other traders who have not read this review, you will not fall for the outdated marketing tagline nor live in the expectation of high gains since you know better. Download the app today and start trading.

Irrespective of our conclusion, it is crucial that you conduct your study before putting your money into this or any other robot. Remember also that trading in cryptocurrency is a risky undertaking, and a loss is one of the highly probable outcomes.

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