Kryptonex 2020 Test & Review

With cryptocurrencies spreading like wildfire, traders and investors have several avenues they can use to make money from any cryptocurrency project.

In previous years, the only way to invest in cryptocurrencies was to purchase the actual crypto coins and store them in a wallet.  Thereafter waiting for their value to rise before selling them to another person. But things are evolving very fast that today you can trade cryptocurrencies as CFDs. Therefore despite owning a few cryptocurrencies for use to pay for products and services, you could also make money trading them with a genuine broker.

And better still, developers have come up with software to help traders manage trades. Therefore, for those who do not wish to tire, they have alternative ways of trading. With the trading software, the trading process is automated and the trader does not have to spend long hours in front of the computer.

However, you should be wary of scammers who have currently flooded the market.  If you go online you will find many crypto bots, and finding the right one will be difficult.

One of the bots we've come across is the Kryptonex Research Group from Sweden. We have researched this bot and here are the findings.

What is Kryptonex?

Kryptonex is a company that claims that the Swedish government has chosen it to develop its own cryptocurrency. They also claim to have insider information regarding the crypto-coin that it can only disclose at a price.

Though we know Sweden to be very open with new technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrencies, it is hard to believe that a government could choose a company to sell its ideas at a price.

Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 11%
Performance - 13%
Ease of use - 30%
Customer service - 8%
App - 20%
Profitability - 17%
Reputation - 29%
Fast withdrawals - 15%
Security - 9%
User testimonials - 25%
Whos behind

Who is Behind Kryptonex?

In researching Kryptonex we were unable to find any parties who claimed to be owners or founders of this. This lack of transparency raises greater questions on the authenticity of the service, and may make some believe that it could be a scam.

Is Kryptonex a legit crypto bot? Or is it a scam?

At times it is usually very hard to determine if a crypto bot is legit or not and at other times it is very easy and you don’t need to learn rocket science to know. However, no matter what it takes, you should always verify a crypto bot before investing any coin with it.

Kryptonex’s claim that the Swedish government disclosed some information about the mew crypto coin to be could be true. But claiming that their agreement with the government was a non-discloser agreement and it can only tell people who pay for the info is outrageous. There is no way a government would sit back and watch its secret information being shared with people for a profit while it is the one that is supposed to benefit from the idea.

Again, of what use will this information be and the crypto-coin is not yet out. What if the government decides to change its mind the last minute? What if the name of the crypto-coin changes? You should only invest in a cryptocurrency that has already been availed for trading. With crypto coins, it would be too bad to count your chicks before they hatch. You could end up disappointed in a major way.

How does Kryptonex work?

There is little information on how Kypronex really works. Actually, it was even difficult to get to its official website on the website. But we hope it is somewhere hidden on the internet.

However, according to the way they explain it, you are supposed to register with them by giving them your name and email and then parting with a certain amount of money for you to get the information about the New Sweden crypto coin to be.

The offer sounds quite fishy and we would recommend that you rather chose to invest that money with a verified crypto bot instead of giving it to Kryptonex.

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