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Quantum Code Review

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FinTech is a major financial sector, and with all key economic divisions, there will be those who seek to add value to the industry as a whole. One product that is growing in popularity are crypto-bots. The cryptocurrency market is by far the most volatile. These rapid price fluctuations provide amazing opportunities from profit through short-term trades. The problem that many people face, is that they do not understand the complex systems involved with investment trading, and know even less about the digital assets that they would wish to earn a profit from. 

For these individuals, robots like the Quantum Code claim to offer a gateway to an investment journey that they have not been equipped to take before.

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What Is Quantum Code?

Quantum Code is a robot-trading platform that claims to earn its user profit while requiring very little time and energy. The website reports its bot to be powered by an advanced mathematical algorithm, which would mean that the robot can gather and interpret a truly immense amount of data related to the cryptocurrency trading markets. It is said to then place trades according to strategies formulated by expert investors in order to maximise profits. 

Requiring little more than half an hour per day, users report that after carefully setting their risk management levels, they have more time to spend on other rewarding pursuits.

Who Is Behind Quantum Code?

Michael Crawford is reported to be the founder behind Quantum Code and has appeared in many of their marketing materials. It is said that his knowledge of the investment markets, combined with a passion for entrepreneurship allowed him to assemble a team of fintech specialists, software designers and seasoned traders to create an effective trading software that could make cryptocurrency investment accessible to everybody.  


Is Quantum Code Legit?

Quantum Code is powered by a complex combination of algorithms known as Near Quantum Speed (NQS). This algorithm is proprietary to the company, and they claim that you will not obtain the level of accuracy and speed that Quantum Code achieves with its trading signals anywhere else. The NQS is described as an algorithm that omnipotently powers your trading experience while simultaneously keeping you in control, a sort of balance between automatic lightening-speed trading that operates within predetermined set risk management levels. In addition, the algorithm’s success rate has been reported online as high as 96%. 

The bot monitors the cryptocurrency market as a whole, gaining insight into other individuals and an institution's trading activity in order to help you invest your money in the most lucrative way possible. Many users have claimed to earn incredible amounts of profit on a monthly basis using this product. In addition, it has an area for VIP members as well as ordinary users. This area offers even more features to enhance your trading toolkit.   

Conclusion: Quantum Code

Quantum Code has made a lot of large claims regarding the advantages that their application will bring to the individual investor and the investing community at large. It's users attest the software to be a truly innovative product. They claim that trading with this robot can be profitable if you are willing to spend a little time each day monitoring your trading account. It is important to understand that all investment trading comes with a certain level of risk, so be sure to properly set your stop loss and take profit levels before beginning to trade. Also, carefully read the terms and conditions of any affiliated broker that you are directed to. Although these brokers are said to be reputable, their T&C's may vary.


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The Quantum Code application is entirely free unless you are making use of the VIP areas, in which case fees may be levied for the use of exclusive features
The Quantum Code application does not require any provision of verification for your personal identity; therefore, a certain level of anonymity is possible
Offers cryptocurrency trading pairs
Reported to possess the proprietary NQS (Near Quantum Speed) algorithm


The robot advertises exaggerated returns