Ripple Code Review

Ripple Code is just one of many trading robots out there that claim to deliver incredible results in cryptocurrency. The name of this robot would suggest that Ripple Code particularly targets the successful cryptocurrency Ripple, but, in fact, this bot works across the broad spectrum of cryptocoins.

There is no doubt that some people have got rich quick by investing in cryptocurrency, and that outstanding returns are possible. But does Ripple Code live up to the hype? Let's take a look…

What is Ripple code?

Ripple Code is a robot that makes automated trades across various cryptocurrency exchanges. However, there is some controversy regarding who actually developed this system. Some sources claim Steve McKay, while others state that the designer was James White. But we shouldn't jump to conclusions based on this anomaly, as it's possible that both McKay and White worked on Ripple Code, and are legitimately listed as developers separately.

Nonetheless, Ripple Code has a lot to do in order to convince us, or any investor, that is has something valuable to offer, as the market is already flooded with hundreds of automated trading software packages and bots. Many of these ultimately turn out to be completely useless, so we feel extremely skeptical of the claims by the developers, that Ripple Code can make you a 'millionaire in a month'.

Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 22%
Performance - 29%
Ease of use - 18%
Customer service - 25%
App - 27%
Profitability - 15%
Reputation - 16%
Fast withdrawals - 15%
Security - 5%
User testimonials - 5%
Whos behind

Who is Behind Ripple Code?

After researching Ripple Code we were able to find some sources which claimed Steve McKay as a creator, while others state that the designer was James White.  With no definitive answers, this lack of transparency raises greater questions on the authenticity of the service, and may make some believe that it could be a scam.

Is Ripple Code legit, or a scam?

Unfortunately, Ripple Code had the whiff of a scam about it from the moment that we logged on to the website, and further investigation did little to alleviate this impression. We immediately encountered generic graphics and videos, which were intended to appeal to the emotions, but provided zero substance that would back up any of their lofty claims.

Most of the 9-minute video that accompanies the front page of the Ripple Code website is dedicated to telling us how many people have become millionaires because of this amazing system. This material is clearly intended to appeal to emotion, to the green-eyed monster in all of us, but is there any reason to believe what they're saying is actually true?

While there are plenty of claims of transparency, it is worrying that one image, purported to be of Ripple Code developer James White, is a generic stock image, which can also be found on many other sites, and even some similar cryptocurrency trading platforms. This should set alarm bells ringing instantly.

The Ripple Code website, in fact, seems to be almost entirely focused on rather extraordinary claims, which it seems are highly unlikely to be accurate. The narrator of the Ripple Code video claims to have made $7,000 in 24 hours and become a dollar millionaire within 90 days. In order to achieve this, a trader would need to make a profit in excess of $11,000 every day, with no down days! Not a particularly likely scenario!

If Ripple Code was going to be able to make such haughty claims with credibility, it would need to provide some very specific information, demonstrating some outstanding artificial intelligence and algorithms that have been built into Ripple Code. There is no such information provided. This is not surprising, as the development of such a system requires a huge investment of time and expertise, and there is no evidence that anyone involved in Ripple Code has made any such investment.

Furthermore, there have been murmurings on the Internet from disgruntled customers of Ripple Code, who have suggested that their investments have been less than successful. We are not in the position to make any accusations towards Ripple Code regarding any impropriety or unethical behaviour, but we would advise customers to tread carefully before opting for Ripple Code.


Ripple Code is comparable to the previously released Bitcoin Code and is no more likely to offer tangible results. It is perhaps too strong to describe Ripple Code as a scam, but certainly the website's approach to attracting people is less than honest, and not founded of anything substantial in terms of potential results or the quality of Ripple Code itself.

Far from making you rich, Ripple Code is highly likely to be a complete and utter waste of your time and money.

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