The Bitcoin Method Review – Is the Bitcoin Method a Scam?

The Bitcoin Method is an interesting algorithmic trading platform that allows users to make a variety of cryptocurrency value speculations, without requiring them to learn the ropes of one of the real (and confusing for newcomers) Bitcoin exchanges. With sky high advertising promises, some people assume The Bitcoin Method robot is a scam, but the reality is somewhat more complex. By the end of this Bitcoin Method robot review, you’ll know all about this platform, and whether or not it’s a good place for you and your money.

How The Bitcoin Method Software Work?

The Bitcoin Method won’t sell you Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Instead, The Bitcoin Method will connect you with a variety of binary options brokers who allow for speculation on cryptocurrency trading pairs. The Bitcoin method also employs a bunch of automated trading mechanisms (this is the so-called “robot” part) that will help new users follow the trading patterns of experienced traders, market trends, and other events. For this reason, the Bitcoin Method is sometimes recommended for beginners who don’t understand the finer points of trading.


The Bitcoin Method Technical Features

The Bitcoin Method algorithms hook users up to a wide variety of binary options platforms, using methods like arbitrage and sentiment calculators to identify opportunities that may be of value to their users. It’s important to note for the beginning user that you aren’t buying cryptocurrency with the Bitcoin Method. You’re committing to financial contracts about the future value of various cryptocurrencies.

As such, all accounts are settled in cash. This is a perk for some people who want to take advantage of the massive profit potential of the cryptocurrency industry, but who aren’t really interested in using the currencies themselves. Binary options are an excellent way to do this, and the Bitcoin Method is a great way to see a diversity of these platforms. As always, binary options can make you a lot of money, but the opposite is also true. Make sure to do your research and understand what you’re doing. This will give you the best possibilities for success.

The Bitcoin Method Profits

The Bitcoin Method promises (up to) $14,000 per day in profits. The “up to” is the operative phrase, because very few users will ever actually see this much profit in a single day of trading. We don’t really understand why $14,000 would be a limit either. It seems more like an arbitrary number that’s high enough to seem impressive. We just want our readers to temper their expectations, especially if they don’t have a lot of money to invest right away.

On the other hand, binary options and Forex trades are an easy way to make money fast, if you make the right trading decisions. With binary options, you’re always trying to figure out the way the prices of two cryptocurrencies are going to change over time. If you can correctly anticipate, for example, that EOS is going to gain value relative to NEO, you’ll make money on this contract, in proportion to the amount of money you committed to it.

As with all forms of trading, the best returns go to those who are best prepared. You’ll still have to learn about cryptocurrencies (at least the ones you’re betting on) in order to anticipate the future somewhat accurately. Even if you choose to tether your trading patterns to the trades of successful traders, using automation, this is no guarantee of passive success. Even though automated trading is cool and can be effective, there’s no easy way to make strong profits. You’ll have to do your homework to achieve that.

Tutorial About How to Use the Bitcoin Method

To start out with the Bitcoin Method, sign up using your email and any other information requested. Fortunately, the Bitcoin Method doesn’t ask for very much. When you sign up you’ll have to select your country. If you live in the United States, you’ll be out of luck as binary options trading is not legal in the United States. For all others, you’ll be able to access the site and transfer money to the platform with debit or credit card.

Once your account is funded, you’ll have a number of options. We recommend clicking “Go to Demo” as you see on the left in the image above. The demo account will give you a chance to try your hand at this before committing real money. Some users have suggested that the demo account gives you awesome results that you don’t get when you use the real platform, though we haven’t found this to be the case in our work with the platform.

Once you are sure you understand the ins and outs of the platform, go to your dashboard. Here you’ll be able to choose from a variety of currency trading pairs, using the brokers in the broker list that are available for you. Different brokers will have different currency offerings, but because this is the Bitcoin Method, all of them will have at least a few cryptocurrencies to trade.

To set up a trade, you’ll click the button, then be taken to a screen where you’ll see the terms for possible trades, including current values, the time that the contract will end, and the price change that needs to happen in order for you to make money. Think carefully about the decisions you make here, because there’s big opportunity for both loss and profit, though we think that if you master the Bitcoin Method demo, you’ll probably have some success.


Is The Bitcoin Method a scam?

So is the Bitcoin Method a scam? You may have seen a bunch of reviews on the internet suggesting that the Bitcoin Method is a scam. We don’t think it’s so black and white as that. While we’ll admit that the Bitcoin Method suggests some pretty big results that the average user won’t be able to achieve, we have to say that the underlying technology of the Bitcoin Method is fair, and that professional traders use these methods to make real money on other platforms just like this.

We are of the opinion that the people who are crying “scam” are those who got involved with the site before they really understood what they were doing, and who lost money when they thought they could become millionaires with no real effort. There’s no true easy money. All investment success, even in the wild world of crypto, is the result of careful planning. For those willing to dig deep when it comes to investment decisions, the Bitcoin Method can be a vehicle for profit that’s as effective as any other.

Other Trading Robots to Consider

For a complete list of great cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading robots, click that link you just passed. The internet is full of automated trading options, and we’re pretty excited about the possibilities as you should be also. Here are a couple of great Bitcoin trading robots that we recommend specifically:

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The Bitcoin Method Review - Is the Bitcoin Method a Scam?
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