Crypto Method Review – Is Crypto Method a Scam?

The Crypto Method is another take on the Bitcoin robot/Cryptocurrency robot phenomenon that has been sweeping the crypto investment space for a couple of years now. Like the others, the Crypto Method promises big gains in short periods of time, but some reviewers suggest that the Crypto Method is a scam. We don’t think the Crypto Method is a scam, but we do think that users should do the work to understand the platform before investing. If you want to try the Crypto Method, go ahead and click in the table below.

How Does the Crypto Method Software Work?

The Crypto Method suggests that users can make up to $13,000 per day, that they can fund a lifestyle of travel and frivolity, and that it’ll only take a few minutes of trading per day to do it. So how does the software help to achieve these lofty goals. Well, it’s hard to find out without signing up for the platform, but we have found some insights that show us the inner workings of the Crypto Method.

The Crypto Method hooks users up with third party brokers that sell CFDs, or “Contracts For Difference”. In these contracts, the user makes an agreement with the broker that they’ll pay market value for X cryptocurrency coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any of many others) and lock that money up in a contract.

The contract will be set to expire at a specific time. When the contract expires, if the crypto attached to it went up in value, the user will get their money back with all of the associated profits. It’s important to note that the user isn’t actually buying cryptocurrencies. Instead, they’re making value speculations about the value of cryptocurrencies, with the brokers serving as escrow and payment services.

The Crypto Method Technical Features

What’s cool about CFDs is that users can take on any number of positions, without having to actually buy and sell digital assets, with the fees and taxes associated with them. They also don’t have to transfer these cryptocurrencies to digital wallets, with the possibility of messing up and losing their profits.

CFDs can also be opened and closed very quickly, and all in automated fashion. The Crypto Method’s “robot” is a piece of software that gives the trader a bunch of options. Want to follow the trading patterns of successful traders? The Crypto Method can match your orders to theirs. Want to make a bunch of orders really fast? The Crypto Method can do that too.

User will have a fairly wide array of trading options, like stop-loss, limits, and other professional trade types. This is perhaps where people get angry about the Crypto Method. While it seems to advertise huge profits with almost no effort, there are actually a fair amount of decisions that the investor has to make. The user also will ideally learn about the assets they’re investing in, because simply depending on the trading decisions of others won’t always lead to the best end.

However, because the Crypto Method does give the user an array of complex tools to invest in authentic financial products, we think this is a legitimate way to participate in the burgeoning crypto investment economy. Perhaps the Crypto Method could be said to promise too much in their advertising, but their actual method don’t have us answering “Is the Crypto Method a scam?” in the affirmative.

The Crypto Method Profits

So what kind of profits can you actually expect from the Crypto Method? Well, it’s completely user dependent. Making bad calls with CFDs can have you losing money fast, but making accurate predictions can have you making incredible profits, even beyond the supposed $13,000 a day advertised on the site.

To find out how well you’re likely to do, we recommend you try out the Crypto Method’s trial/demo account that’s made available to new users. With this demo account, you won’t have to deposit real money, but you’ll be able to make real trading decisions with all of the assets hosted on this site.

We recommend that you give it a few days, and to check the numbers you see on the site to the values these assets post in the real world. Again, we don’t think the Crypto Method is a scam, but it’s important to always verify that a source of information is giving you accurate numbers, especially if you have money at risk.

If you find that you have a knack for this kind of trading, and that you understand all of the features of the platform, feel free to fund your account and try the platform for real. If and when you make profits, cancel your contracts and move that cash to your bank account.

Because CFDs are pretty much a form of betting, we recommend that users employ the methods of smart betting. If you have profits, take them, and use little bits of what you have left over to create more profits. That way if you lose a major position, you won’t have lost everything you won in the past.

Tutorial About How to Use the Crypto Method

Starting with the Crypto Method is as easy as creating an account on their website’s homepage, choosing your country, and funding the account with a credit or debit card. From there you’ll be able to make a variety of CFD trades. We recommend using Limits and Stop-Losses to keep from having catastrophic losses, especially in the beginning. Start by making only one trade to ensure that you understand the process and there are no surprises. If you are satisfied with the result, you can make as many trades as you like. Just be ready to take profits, because good luck (and even insightful planning) don’t always work out.

Is the Crypto Method a Scam?

The Crypto Method is not a scam. Their advertising is kind of shady, we’ve got to admit, but this does not mean that the underlying platform will steal your money. Users shouldn’t expect to get rich with this platform, unless they’re willing to put in a ton of work. However, the mechanisms that the platform actually users are well regarded in the financial world. CFDs have been used for many decades, and they are more popular than ever on the internet today.

As we’ve already stated, do your research before you start risking your own money with the Crypto Method. Trading with CFDs isn’t a walk in the park. Once you get the hang of it, you really can make significant profits in very short periods of time. Until you’re at that level, only invest what you would be OK losing. We hope you don’t lose the money you put in, and we wish you all the best in stacking your profits sky high!

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Crypto Method Review - Is Crypto Method a Scam?
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