The News Spy 2019 Test & Review

Cryptocurrency trading is continuously becoming fun. Contrary to the past where investors could only by and sell real crypto coins from each other or mine the coin so as to make profits, nowadays traders can make money trading cryptocurrency CFDs.

And to makes things more interesting, there are new crypto trading robots like The News Spy, which have been developed to assist traders in trading. The robots take over the whole trading process and the only work of the trader is withdrawing and using the profit made by the robot.

What is The News Spy?

The New Spy is an automated trading system for trading cryptocurrencies. It offers a unique experience to crypto traders.

Is The News Spy robot legit? Or is it a scam?

The question behind the lips of every crypto trader whenever he/she meets a new trading application is whether it is legit or a scam. And that is very okay. You have to be careful when it comes to trusting an application with your hard earned money. Actually, you should ensure that you do thorough research before trusting any application online.

The News Spy bot has not been in the market for long. It is actually a new crypto trading robot and it has already started circulating the internet because of its success and profitability.

The application is 100% genuine and it is offering traders the opportunity to make money as they have fun with friends and facility or even as they attend to other important matter. It is the best solution for becoming financially independent.

How does The News Spy work?

Just as the name suggests, The News Spy trading bot ‘spy’ the cryptocurrency markets and identifies the best trading opportunities and generates signals. It then goes ahead and acts on the signals by placing the respective trades.

By spying, the application uses a set of mathematical formulas and algorithms to come up with a prediction of how the market is expected to behave. The app is also able to filter data from financial news outlets and integrate it into the trading system so as to predict the impact of the news releases on the markets and which will be the best trades to place at that time.

How do you access The News Spy app?

To access the services of The News Spy trading robot, you will have to open an account with them. Let us look at the steps involved:

STEP 1: Registration

Visit The News Spy official website and on the right-hand side, you shall see a dialog bot written ‘START CHANGING YOUR LIFE TODAY’.

There are three steps involved and all just involve providing your information.

In the first step, you are supposed to give your names and email address. After that, you are directed to the next step where you are to set your password.

NOTE: There are countries which The News Spy robot application will not accept traders from. If your country is one of these countries, you will not be able to go past this stage.

STEP 2: Deposit funds

Once you get an account, you should go ahead and make a deposit of not less than $250.

You can deposit funds using either credit cards or bank wire.

STEP 3: activate auto trading

Once you deposit funds, you can go ahead and activate automated trading for The News Spy robot to take over the trading process.


The News Spy bot is a genuine trading robot and it is a perfect choice for trading market news releases. It is able to analyze data from various media sources and integrate that data into the cryptocurrency markets.

It has a proven return rate of 89%.

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