USI Tech 2020 Test & Review

With the rising interest in automated cryptocurrency trading robots, there has been a hike in the number bots available on the internet. You will come across names like USI TECH and many others who pose as crypto bots. However it is on you as a trader to do research about any crypto bot website before investing your money in it.

There are very many scammers who have identified the thriving business and they are out there to lure unsuspecting traders.

You could depend on reviews like this one to understand a crypto bot or even look at what fellow traders have to say about that crypto bot platform. That way, you will be safe from scammers.

In this review about USI Tech, we are going to shed more light on whether it is a worthy investment or not and if it is a scam or not.

What is USI Tech?

USI claims to be an automated cryptocurrency trading services provider based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The term USI Tech is an acronym for United States Intelligence Technology. The platform claims to be the first automated trading platforms to be found that traded Bitcoin. But this claim has no supportive evidence since the platform was reportedly launched in 2017.

Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 15%
Performance - 5%
Ease of use - 24%
Customer service - 14%
App - 22%
Profitability - 14%
Reputation - 12%
Fast withdrawals - 27%
Security - 10%
User testimonials - 8%
Whos behind

Who is Behind USI Tech?

In researching USI Tech we were unable to find any parties who claimed to be owners or founders of this. This lack of transparency raises greater questions on the authenticity of the service, and may make some believe that it could be a scam.

Is USI Tech a legit crypto bot? Or is it a Scam?

After identifying a crypto bot that you think you can invest in, you have to go a step further to determine whether the bot is legit or not. You have to do all it takes to ensure that you get to the facts of the matter. Don’t just look at their website and testimonials since those can easily be faked. Go through their terms and conditions, look keenly on their testimonials and also look at reviews from fellow traders.

After it was launched, a lot of crypto investors became interested and invested in the project. But later on, people started complaining that the system was a Ponzi scheme. The company actually got a cease and desist order the state of Texas two months after its launch in December 2017.

In 2018, the registered members could no longer get their payouts. Then the company went silent and it was unavailable for deposits.

In August 2018, New Zealand Financial Markets Authority gave a warning that USI Tech is a warning.

In simple terms, USI Tech has been involved in too many cases with regulation authorizes and it most likely is a scam.

How does USI Tech work?

There is less information available online about how this system works.

However, the platform claims to invest in Bitcoin mining and it is also linked to Forex trading. It has a number of Bitcoin mining packages though there are claims that they could be Ponzi schemes.

Want a USI Tech account? Try this alternative!

According to our research, USI Tech is not a trusted crypto bot that you can comfortably invest in. We would recommend investing in a verified crypto bot like Bitcoin Code.

Below are the steps for opening a Bitcoin Code account.

STEP 1: Registration

The registration process is fairly simple. You are required to fill in your name, provide a valid email address and set the password. You will also be required to give the country you are filling from. It is worth noting that there are some countries that are not allowed.

STEP 2: Open a Demo Account

Once you have your own Bitcoin Code account, you should choose to first open a demo account so as to familiarize with the functionality of the application on false funds other than doing it on real cash.

STEP 3: Open and fund a real trading account

After you are satisfied that Bitcoin Code works according to your specification, you can go ahead and choose a broker among the supported brokers and open a broker with them.

After that, you will be required to fund your account.

There are a variety of options for depositing funds, with the main method being Credit Cards.

Then activate automated trading to so as to give Bitcoin Code the authority to place trades.


USI Tech could not satisfy our standards to be classified as a legit automated cryptocurrency trading service provider. It actually looks more like a scam than a legit trading bot from the numerous claims that it is a Ponzi scheme.

But there are many legit crypto bots like Bitcoin Code that you can invest in and earn considerable profits.

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